About the Photographer

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It was ancient, unfamiliar India that moved Maggie Houtz to pay attention to the world around her in a whole new way. The Southern California native grew up on a farm, often elbow-deep in feathers and soil, but it was a trip outside her comfort zone into the remote villages of West Bengal and Orissa in 2004 where nature came alive as a subject before her lens. Maggie was captivated by the rich colors and otherworldliness of the Indian landscape. She found immeasurable inspiration in focusing her lens on the bypassed images lying just outside the periphery of the action, such as a lone sari drying on a loom in an empty field. She returned home with over 700 images and a passion to pursue photography, and has been busy mastering her skill ever since.

Maggie’s photographs invite a natural pause along the speedway of daily life. Favoring landscapes, macro photography and abstract textural shots, she approaches her subjects with a sense of fresh wonder that is easily apparent. She conveys the innate beauty in a wild blade of grass or bend in the road, staying loyal to what’s there in front of the camera. She identifies strongly with beauty as one meets it, “art that reveals truth.” As with her other passion—music and DJing—Maggie’s photography is a far-reaching community service that offers her audience soul-soothing encounters and the reassurance of a better world. “If I can seek out and bring someone a moment of peace amidst the craziness, I feel that I have accomplished what I set out to do.”

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