Aug 022015

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I was commissioned by yoga instructor Jessica Annand to craft two one-hour mixes for a yoga retreat taking place in July 2015 at Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat Center near Mt. Shasta, California. While I’ve played live during yoga sets before, this was the first time I’d created any in the studio. This is the first of the two. The word “Yitha” means “One” in the Karuk tribal language, indigenous to the region. There are gentle beats and expansive spaces in this mix, as per her request.

Mastered by David Sonoform.


1. Modcam – Sonic Zen (Album Mix)
2. Makyo – Soar Angelic
3. Samorost – You
4. Xerxes – Longyaard
5. The Sushi Club – Mujo
6. Union Jack – Water Drums
7. String Theories – White Dragon
8. Coppice Halifax – Greensea
9. Snakestyle (feat. Minnie Rogers) – A Rainy Night in London
10. Electricwest – Bruises
11. Keston and Westdal – Spring in December
12. Krusseldorf – Creation
13. Rhian Sheehan – Standing in Silence Pt. 4

Jun 072015

Another Fine Day - A Good Place to Be (Remixes)

This new EP of remixes from Interchill’s company of downtempo talents is full of beauty, an enjoyable ride through ambient and rhythmic interpretations of the well-received original release. Every single track here is a keeper.

1. And Dream of Seals (Alucidnation Remix) – Lush piano intro calls softly to have a listen as more varied sounds are introduced. Bass line and soft percussion merge perfectly with piano, beginning a hint of a journey toward dub. As percussion and bass disappear, we are submerged into a bubbly dubbly soundscape, ever wending its way through like a droplet of water falling through leaves on a tree.

2. And Dream of Seals (Another Fine Day Chaos Theory Remix) – Forestlike sounds greet our ears before the piano, beautifully stuttered, begins its tale. Right on cue, the rhythm begins. By the time the tabla and mild glitch appear, a theme has been set and we are on a gentle, wandering tour through staccato percussiveness, all the while the thread of the xylophonic melody keeping us on track. The track slowly, very slowly, makes its way to silence, never losing its itinerary.

3. And Dream of Seals (Ishq remix) – A prayer in sonic form which allows our brains and ears a narrative while offering plenty of space for exploration. As with other remixes in this collection, the piano is an integral part of the story, introduced almost immediately and remaining present like a buoy in the sea. At just under 9 minutes, this remix has the time and space to define itself. While the progression toward the center – where the crux lives – rolls along slowly, it is also as sure as the sky is blue. When the bass appears, it wraps up the elements nicely. These sounds play well together. The latter third of the track withdraws most forms of rhythm from before, yet remains familiar to us; a natural completion to a beautiful journey.

4. Spanish Blues (Greg Hunter Remix) – The strings of a Greg Hunter track are a welcome signature, an announcement that the world is at our door, ready to tell a dubby tale. The structure is set up almost immediately, and so the framework allows us to move to the rhythm while still maintaining a spacious vibe in our brains. This kind of rhythm can be interpreted with movement of the body or simply in the mind, making it a versatile accompaniment for a wide spectrum of activities one might do while listening. Keep this one close at hand.

5. Spanish Blues (Hibernation) – Smoky jazzy orchestral sounds make the initial case for this interpretation, but when the dance begins, you might not want to remain seated (if you even were to begin with). I found some part of my body wanted to be moving with the rhythm of this the entire track, and yet the slightly jazzy psychill environment kept my brain occupied with the perfect blend that Seb Taylor (Hibernation) is known for. The center of the track glides gracefully into a film soundtrack feel, the jazz and trippy accents singing in harmony. There is a good reason why Seb’s music is so central to my listening and DJing playlists – his expressions just simply resonate with my aesthetic so succinctly that it’s like welcoming an old friend in for a cup of tea (and often a dance).

Mar 072015

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This was a set I created for Tropical’s 16th anniversary campout held at a yoga retreat center in California. Most of the weekend’s music was house music, but there was a block of ambient-into-downtempo on Saturday morning. Starts off ambient and rises into danceable trip hop & downtempo.

The recording of my set had technical issues, so this is a recreation in my studio. Mastered by Brian Saitzyk.


1. Erothyme – Sunshine Through Speakers (feat. Madelion Moondrop)

2. Giyo – Astro (Give You All I Can)
3. Orchid Star – Wildflower Feat. Myo & Samanta Ray (Pete Ardron Remix)
4. Fresh Moods – Decisions I Made
5. Romo – Awakening
6. Bomb the Bass & Lali Puna – Clearcut (Arovane’s Amx)
7. Bronx Dogs – Cosmos
8. Govinda – City of Pleasure
9. Kaleidoscope Jukebox – Flame Thrower
10. Mr. Squatch – To and Fro
11. Nightmares on Wax – 70s 80s
12. The Eff Word – TBC (Crustation Mix)
13. Backini – Electro Industry
14. Parov Stelar – If I Had You
15. Ugress – Fields of Thieves (2000)
16. Backini – Champagne Flute
17. 40 Winks – Kodak Moment (Long Arm Remix)
18. D-Echo Project – Wind Trails
19. Govinda – Two Become One

Nov 292014

I was invited recently to give feedback on the latest comp release from Interchill, one of my favorite labels for choice downtempo. It’s a real winner in my book, so I wanted to share my thoughts here and encourage you to check this out for yourself.

With a comp like this, this is where Interchill and I see eye to eye.  Andrew Ross Collins has come up with a treat for the senses, with an ode to the more melodic side of chill and downtempo, while still maintaining an edge with elements of glitch and bold rhythms. The way I felt when I’d finished listening to Waypoint reminds me of the aftermath of listening to Interchill’s comp releases from a decade ago, which is to say feeling thoroughly satisfied with the journey. Due to the way I tend to process music for review and consideration into my permanent library, I hardly ever tend to listen to a release all together in sequence, but this one works quite well for that. A wonderful compilation, assembled in a defining flow that just works.

Interchill's Latest Compilation

Interchill’s Latest Compilation

01. Grouch – Indifference (Hibernation Remix)

My ears lit up with the last collaboration between these two talents (Grouch remixing  Kaya Project, another of Seb Taylor’s artist projects) and once again I’m digging the melding of their two sounds. Both artists are laser-precise in their mastery of sound manipulation and design, which ensures that even though there’s a lot going on in the track, it never tips over into a crowded soundscape.

02. Drift – Invisible Spirit

Overtones of bossanova start things off and then are switched up by a glitchier palette. It’s a mixture that doesn’t always blend well together for my tastes, but the track weaves back and forth between the two palettes and eventually the more classical palette wins out, which is a win in my book. (Not that I have anything against the glitchy palette – just that it can be challenging to blend it well with more classic sounds and phrasing)

03. Guru Shishya – Rich in Loss

It’s been many years since a new Guru Shishya track has graced my speakers, and I quite liked the one from 9 years ago, Cagian 3 (also released by Interchill). I’m not sure what this artist has been up to in the ensuing time period, but I’m very happy that a new track is upon us. Beautiful acoustic guitar with whispers of angelic voices singing, and an acoustic drum accompaniment that feels like it would be a treat to see this one performed live. A heart-melter for sure.

04. Gaudi – Solaris Vision

Gaudi is one of the most authentic dub-into-dubstep artists I know, remaining entrenched in the crossover between the genres. His sound design is unparalleled. The genre itself is one I can only listen to small amounts of at a time, as I find it all a little too similar; Gaudi’s composition here, however, creates a soundscape that is hypnotic and delivers through to the end.

05. Kaya Project – Dust Devil (Hibernation Remix)

Seb Taylor has a permanent place at my musical table, let me just get that out of the way. Of all his projects, I started out loving him as Kaya Project and then found Hibernation, the perfect mixture of fresh modern sound design and classical, jazzy tones. So a remix of one by the other was bound to perk up my ears. The rhythm here is hypnotic, the sounds varied, and it all blends together into something quite wonderful.

06. Variant Field – Dulcet Dalliance

Wonderful catchy rhythm and sound design from one of my favorite artists, Amani Friend, with his co-creator Alex DeYoung. I’ve previously only known Amani’s work with Treavor Moontribe as Desert Dwellers, and while there are definitive markers in this track to alert you to Amani’s same sensibilities, there is a devotion to a more cinematic, jazzy spectrum that I find irresistible. It’s the kind of track that sounds at home in either a jazzy/loungy playlist or a more modern one.

07. Another Fine Day – Walk Tall (Throwback Dub)

Wonderful, sultry jazz tones with swirls of psychedelia, perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon.

08. Austero – Fuerza Brutal

Lovely mix of electronic and acoustic elements. The bass line is prominently the backbone of the track, and yet somehow doesn’t manage to oversaturate it. Skilled guitar work by Austero.

09. Fredrik Ohr – In Orbit

I was a fan of Ohr’s early eponymous release and have tracked his evolution ever since. As it is with almost any artist and me, not everything hits the nail on the head, but In Orbit is definitely a keeper in my book. It has a laidback rhythm that is only suggested at throughout the first half of the track, but the musicality and the hints of bleepy accents are enough to carry it through, when the rhythm fully reveals itself and drives it home.

10. Liquid Stranger – Flipside

I love it when Liquid Stranger ventures far into the realm of emotion with his unique brand of soundscape. It rarely disappoints, and this track is a wonderful expression of that emotion. It manages to be spacious and cozy all at the same time. I see Flipside being a trusty companion for those delicious afternoons in the desert.

11. Sinepearl – Cosmic Center

I was deeply touched by the release earlier this year of Cycles Within Cycles Within, as it came to my inbox just as I was learning of the death of a dear friend’s family member. While that release was gorgeous in a more ambient way, this track retains much of that lush sensibility while inhabiting more of a rhythmic space. I have not yet been disappointed by what I’ve heard coming out of his studio.

12. Spiral System – Mondays

I was a fan of last year’s release Be, so I looked forward to hearing this new track, and I was not disappointed. A gentle rhythm that invites swaying with eyes closed, delicate vocals with a touch of psychedelia, and a gorgeous melody welcome you in to the world of this track. Salve for the soul.

13. Alucidnation – Prefer to Stay In

Lush, pastoral ambience with just a hint of beats. The piano lends a delicate narrative. A perfect end to the Waypoint journey.

Waypoint can be reviewed and purchased at the following places:


Or check it out here:

Mar 072014

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In February 2014 I was invited to craft a mix for The Chillout Sessions, a monthly downtempo exploration from online radio station Box Frequency and Woodzee’s The Sun Is Shining blog, which was great fun. Trip-hop, a little funk, and eclectic downtempo rule this mix.

Mastered by @EasternSun.


1. Rumpistol – Tangoboy
2. Tor – The Thickness
3. Merveille & Crosson – The Day You Left
4. Tosca – Me and Yoko Ono
5. Ion Driver – Deep Sands
6. Frog Pocket – Crow Hill Jig
7. M-Seven – Fuelled Exploration
8. Bluetech – Basement Dub
9. Eat Static – The Wreckage
10. Ugress – Voyage en Noir
11. Guts – Skunkfunk
12. The Dining Rooms – Pure & Easy
13. a.p.e. – Piecemeal
14. Melo – Affirmation (Frederic Robinson Mix)
15. Phidelity – Cloud Architecture
16. Beatroots – Drawing Straws
17. Shen – Symbol Range
18. Bluetech – Kingdom of the Blind (feat. Alyssa) (Third I Mix)
19. Backini – Electro Industry
20. Griff – In Return
21. DeeB – Leiden Lowlife
22. Digitalis – 1992
23. Bering Strait – Surya
24. Impuls – Rosaceae
25. Dream Stalker – Deeping
26. Ennui – Nagini (Griff’s Kanchenjunga Mix)
27. Tipper – Algae in Bloom

Aug 262013

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In June 2013, the community I call home, Moontribe, celebrated its 20th year of existence under the Full Moon. I opened the gathering with this somewhat eclectic mix of ambient and near-ambient treats.

1. @wazuhiru – Velimir’s Sea
2. @phone-booth-robbers – Winter at Zabriskie Point
3. Bering Strait – Luna
4. Govinda – Clear with Fantasy
5. Ultimae – 10-low-tide-explorations – Low Tide Explorations
6. Jon Anderson – Speed Deep (The Future Sound of London Deseo Reconstruction Mix)
7. Nicolas Jaar – Almost Fell
8. Kiyoko – Valley
9. Markhjorthoy – Animat-liquid-fuel-mark – Liquid Fuel (Mark Hjorthoy’s Floating in the Stars Mix)
10. Stray – When It Rains
11. Journeyman – 50cc Part 2 (33 rpm)
12. Blamstrain – Linja (Mosaik Remix)
13. 36 – A Final Thought
14. Misledconvoy – Lost-in-the-valley-of-the – Lost in the Valley of the Scintilla Strings (Misled Convoy Mix)

Aug 262013

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This is a live recorded mix from my set at Moontribe, Full Moon Gathering, March 2013. It contains some slightly more energetic downtempo but ends gently and ambiently. My favorite kind of flow for a closing set.

Mastered to perfection by Brian Saitzyk aka @easternsun


1. Electricwest – The Inability to Relate Pt. 2
2. Celt Islam – Against the Grain
3. Third Ear Audio – The End
4. Nautilus – Nine Miles
5. Digitalis – Cold Fusion
6. KiloWatts – Deliriously
7. Lee Burton – Crash
8. TD Project – Always a Message
9. Dream Stalker – Dialekt
10. Erot – Into the Deep Consciousness
11. Kodomo – Concept 1
12. Quanta – Recept (Griff’s Footprints on the Brain Mix)
Scann-Tec – Phone Call (Live Edit)
Electricwest – Bruises
Hibernation – Singularity
Gaudi – Chaine a Chaine
Ace Ventura & Lish – Into the Light (Bluetech Mix)
Dream Stalker – Kair
Vakuum Sounds – Journey After a Snakebite
Kiyoko – Shinagawa
Aes Dana – Jetlag Corporation
Frederic Robinson – So Close To Being Human
Evac – What Once Was West (feat. Rena Jones)
Chinese Man – He Said
Occam – Anzix
Rumpistol & Red Baron – Dinosaurs
Rain Dog – Beyond Their Years (DJ Maggie Edit)
VidasM – Lime Flavour

Oct 022012

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Poolside. Yoga retreat. Hot tub. Potluck. Oh yeah, and groooooovy beats. How could you go wrong?

I was honored to be included in Tropical’s 14th anniversary campout gathering, marking 5 years now that I’ve been playing with this groovy crew. We had several breaks in the music, and I got to start things up on Sunday morning after a 7-hour break in the music. Been digging into some jazzy grooves lately, evidenced by this playlist. This was a live recording.

Mastered with his usual excellence by Brian Saitzyk aka Eastern Sun.


1. Ott – From Trunch to Stromness
2. Sola Rosa – Sleepwalker
3. David Holmes – Rodney Yates
4. Sandspider – The Groove
5. Jenova 7 – A Touch of Evil
6. The Dining Rooms – Pure & Easy
7. Acid Pauli – (La Voz) Tan Tierra
8. Kodomo – Concept 10
9. Sick-E – Insanity Waits (feat. Phour Trakk)
10. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk – Socks n Strings & SP12
11. Alex Cortiz – Funkalicious
12. Govinda – Hypnotic (Redubbed)
13. Lurob – Down the Road
14. Bugseed – Enough and To Spare
15. Burdy – Doobie Dada (Solid Doctor Dope Rmx)
16. Genun – Passage of Time
17. Benny Tones – Fire Fly (Opiuo Mix)
18. Prefuse 73 – Storm Returns
19. Claude Von Stroke – Bay Area
20. Ouija – Meet Me at the Lab
21. Grillo – Bubbles
22. Bomb the Bass – Bug Powder Dust (Dub)
23. Dream Stalker – Deeping
24. Parov Stelar – For All We Know
25. Eddie Silverton – Lost Faces
26. Karuan – Dunya (Nickodemus Remix)
27. David Rinman – Based on Instrumental
28. Parov Stelar – Odessa
29. Cybajaz – Cybajaz

Oct 022012

Stream & download WAV above,  or download MP3 here.

Live set from Lotus Full Moon Campout 2012, hosted by Tropical and Terrakroma. I played the only downtempo set of the entire party, midday in the middle of the party while a yoga class was conducted nearby. The yoga instructor, Sean Johnstone, and I conferred on the energy and aesthetic of the playlist. Mellow beats and a hint of world groove.

This mix is also featured on Woodzee’s chill and dub blog, Sun is Shining, and on Mixcloud. You can check it out there as well. Thanks, Woodzee!


1. Tom Middleton – Return to Atlantis
2. Rocket Empire – Red Room (feat. Chuck Love)
3. Spacer – Fizzy Flesh
4. Audiokonstrukte – Fruitcrashes
5. Bluetech – Prayers for Rain (in Dub)
6. M-Seven – Lotus
7. Kuba – It Could Be
8. Random Rab – Vapour Trail
9. Vatos Locos – Angeles Chillangos
10. Xerxes – Pirayana
11. Jon Hopkins – Sleepwalker
12. Desert Dwellers – Om Namo Baghavade
13. Shri – Meditation
14. Zen Baboon – Keep Positive
15. Banco de Gaia – Desert Wind (Satsuma Nightmare Mix)
16. Chunk… – Reptile
17. Shanti Roots & Scheibosan – Yoni
18. Don Carlos – The Sun is Shining
19. Rocket Empire – Feel Good Song
20. Carlos Torres – Temple
21. Thievery Corporation – Satyam Shivam Sundaram – (Govinda Remix)

Aug 132012

Stream and download WAV above, download MP3 here.

A voyage into the soft & quiet spaces of the beatless realm. This is a live recording of my ambient set from Floasis, a downtempo gathering that happens in Southern California from time to time. We planned the flow for ambient music from midnight to sunrise, so our guests could choose to listen or be lullabied as they slept. I’ve made ambient studio mixes before, but this was my first time playing an ambient set out, live. It’s a work in progress.

Mastering done to perfection, as usual, by Brian Saitzyk.

1. Idlemode – Late Rate
2. Mantsevich Dzenis – November
3. Cepia – Public Address
4. VidasM – Lime Flavour
5. Melorman – One
6. Phobium – Another Orbit Around the Sun
7. Electricwest – Niche
8. Rumpistol and Red Baron – Howie
9. Stephan Mathieu – Schwarzschild Radius
10. Essáy – Origami
11. Miasma – Serum Switch
12. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Betula Pendula
13. Metaphorical Cloud – Morphing
14. Wombatmusic – Along the Way (release no longer available)
15. The Host – 3am Surfing
16. Julian Neto – Questionable Things
17. Mike Shannon, Takeshi Nishimoto, Blue Fields – Open Your Eyes