Apr 182017

Spring has sprung! I spent a glorious weekend out in Joshua Tree, where the wildflowers were fully going…err..wild. Unlike other weekends this season, the purpose of my visit to JT was to attend and play at a private party for some new friends my husband and I have made recently. These friends are full-on aerial circus performers with a huge barn that they’ve turned into a big top circus area. It was so cool! I loved the environment and the people were pretty nice too.

The birthday boy had requested a specific energy flow and aesthetic for my closing set (after a night of dance music) and as people settled into cuddle puddles on the giant foam mats and blankets, I saw my opportunity to create a journey of heart-centered music, finishing with mellow bedtime music, since everyone was staying the night and no one had to drive anywhere. (It’s a consideration for closing downtempo sets, as I never want to lull someone into sleepytime if they have a several-hours-long drive home right afterward) And so, I bring you this mix, chock full of many of my favorite classic tunes. I really wasn’t trying to showcase new and/or unusual sounds so much as provide soothing and rhythmic sounds for people who had been partying all night. It was met with great enthusiasm, and after the last track I joined them for a spell.

Mar 242017

March is often a favorite month for a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering. The weather can be amazing, not too cold at night and toasty during the day (but not blisteringly so). Lots of people have been hibernating for the winter. If FMG falls on a weekend, it’s practically paving the way for a happy and well-attended event. That’s what this past gathering was like. Well over 1000 people, all smiles, happy to be out amongst friends old and new, enjoying the warmth. The vibe was on point, and I was honored to be invited to play the closing set, which was timed just right to end just after moonrise (hence the title). The energy is a little all over the place, as I was reading the last dregs of energy from the crowd and adjusting accordingly. It was at the end of 24 hours of party, so most people were a little worse for the wear – me included. I’ve learned to accept that the live sets when I’m sleep-deprived may contain a rough mix or two – at least to my ears. I was told many times people enjoyed the track selection so it feels like a good mix to share.


1. Kaya Project – Deep Kaya (Zen Baboon mix)
2. Desert Dwellers – Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Desert Freak Remix)
3. Deep Dive Corp – Lucsus
4. Squarepusher – Plaistow Flex Out
5. EU – Love Me
6. Boards of Canada – Aquarius
7. Sola Rosa – Scratch Apprentice
8. 3 Wise Monkeys – It’s Gonna Rain
9. Hello Mellow – Eat Sleep Sit Repeat
10. Sixis & Expedizion – Awakening World (Sixis Revision)
11. Beatroots – Nutritious Dub
12. Kangding Ray – Palisades
13. Martins Garden – Jinn
14. Shen – Embrace (Deadbeat’s Soaking in the Dub Mix)
15. Patio – Sofa Bunk Bed
16. The Flashbulb – Parkways
17. Pilgrims of the Mind – Sandcastle
18. Ishdub feat. Davide Cataro – Introspective (Kaya Project Remix)
19. Pitch Black – Filtered Senses
20. D-Echo Project – Howl (Hibernation Mix)
21. Motion Drive – Deep Fried Dub
22. AtYya – Emanating (Hakuu Remix)
23. iinaK – Falling Out
24. Krusseldorf – Rain Across the Gemini
25. Edamame – Indigo Pigments
26. Data Rebel – Icikle
27. Ocoeur – Light

Feb 202017

I let this mix sit in my archives while I battled the perfectionist inside. This was a live recording I made of a set I played in the summer of 2016, my first set playing out again with Traktor after almost a decade of using Ableton instead. I heard all kinds of roughness when I first listened to it, as I was just getting reacquainted with how mixing differs from one program to another. The rigidity of Ableton for DJing allowed me to strive for perfection, but that’s not always what live mixes are for, as I’ve been reminded. And so, upon listening to it several months later, I enjoyed it a lot more and decided it passed muster.

Mastering by Blend Mastering.


1. Eat Static – The Wreckage
2. Kuba – Amber
3. Tosca – Every Day and Every Night
4. Kuba – Mura
5. Bluetech – Green Sophia
6. The Sushi Club – Mujo
7. D-Echo Project – Calmness
8. Govinda – Calm
9. Random Rab – Vapour Train
10. Air – Modular Mix
11. Hibernation – Singularity
12. Amberland – Plastic Heart
13. Luis Vaquero – Open Your Eyes
14. Asonat – We Have Come So Far Again
15. Erwin Van Moll – The Great Lover
16. Tosca – Springer
17. Alex Cortiz – Back on Track
18. Sick-E – Insanity Waits (feat. Phour Trakk)
19. Monophobic – Sureshot
20. Puff Dragon – Chinese Radio
21. Beatfarmer – Cosmic Playground – Cosmic 2015 Mix
22. Bugseed – Enough and to Spare
23. Govinda – Union of Body and Sound
24. The Black Seeds – Almost Home (Jet Jaguar Mix)
25. Eddie Silverton – Groovy Babylon
26. D-Echo Project – Wind Trails

Nov 102016

New Year’s Day, 2016: I was celebrating the new year with my Floasis crew of downtempo musicians and DJs, as we had been invited to program 2 blocks of music in the mornings of a 4-day campout festival called Tropical Oasis. On the first morning of 2016, I opened for none other than Bluetech, one of my favorite artists and also a dear friend. I’d crafted this set to have a dubby psychill flow in order to warm people up for Bluetech’s amazing music – in more ways than one. Temperatures were below freezing in the dawn hours so it was only barely above freezing when I started playing. Thankfully I did have a dancefloor and kept people moving through the slow grooves as much as possible.

The cold weather played havoc with Bluetech’s equipment so I ended up playing longer than expected while things were sorted out, so there are some gaps toward the end of the mix when I kept thinking he was ready to play.

Jan 262016

This week brings not one, but two new mixes into the world. First up – a new trip hop/downtempo mix called Electric Hullabaloo. It’s a studio mix of a set I designed for New Year’s Eve 2014, but due to technical difficulties I didn’t get to play it through or record it. This past Fall I had another opportunity to play with it for a friend’s 40th birthday cocktail party, so I recorded it and then played with it some more in the studio. I’ve got it uploaded to SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Hearthis. Stream and/or download at any of these locations. Enjoy!

In addition, I was asked to donate a mix to the Healing Temple, a new community-based collective dedicated to sharing music of a positive and healing nature. The mix is up for streaming and downloading at SoundCloud. Here’s the link.

Aug 022015

Stream from link above, or download Mp3 here.

I was commissioned by yoga instructor Jessica Annand to craft two one-hour mixes for a yoga retreat taking place in July 2015 at Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat Center near Mt. Shasta, California. While I’ve played live during yoga sets before, this was the first time I’d created any in the studio. This is the first of the two. The word “Yitha” means “One” in the Karuk tribal language, indigenous to the region. There are gentle beats and expansive spaces in this mix, as per her request.

Mastered by David Sonoform.


1. Modcam – Sonic Zen (Album Mix)
2. Makyo – Soar Angelic
3. Samorost – You
4. Xerxes – Longyaard
5. The Sushi Club – Mujo
6. Union Jack – Water Drums
7. String Theories – White Dragon
8. Coppice Halifax – Greensea
9. Snakestyle (feat. Minnie Rogers) – A Rainy Night in London
10. Electricwest – Bruises
11. Keston and Westdal – Spring in December
12. Krusseldorf – Creation
13. Rhian Sheehan – Standing in Silence Pt. 4

Mar 072014

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

In February 2014 I was invited to craft a mix for The Chillout Sessions, a monthly downtempo exploration from online radio station Box Frequency and Woodzee’s The Sun Is Shining blog, which was great fun. Trip-hop, a little funk, and eclectic downtempo rule this mix.

Mastered by @EasternSun.


1. Rumpistol – Tangoboy
2. Tor – The Thickness
3. Merveille & Crosson – The Day You Left
4. Tosca – Me and Yoko Ono
5. Ion Driver – Deep Sands
6. Frog Pocket – Crow Hill Jig
7. M-Seven – Fuelled Exploration
8. Bluetech – Basement Dub
9. Eat Static – The Wreckage
10. Ugress – Voyage en Noir
11. Guts – Skunkfunk
12. The Dining Rooms – Pure & Easy
13. a.p.e. – Piecemeal
14. Melo – Affirmation (Frederic Robinson Mix)
15. Phidelity – Cloud Architecture
16. Beatroots – Drawing Straws
17. Shen – Symbol Range
18. Bluetech – Kingdom of the Blind (feat. Alyssa) (Third I Mix)
19. Backini – Electro Industry
20. Griff – In Return
21. DeeB – Leiden Lowlife
22. Digitalis – 1992
23. Bering Strait – Surya
24. Impuls – Rosaceae
25. Dream Stalker – Deeping
26. Ennui – Nagini (Griff’s Kanchenjunga Mix)
27. Tipper – Algae in Bloom

Aug 262013

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

In June 2013, the community I call home, Moontribe, celebrated its 20th year of existence under the Full Moon. I opened the gathering with this somewhat eclectic mix of ambient and near-ambient treats.

1. @wazuhiru – Velimir’s Sea
2. @phone-booth-robbers – Winter at Zabriskie Point
3. Bering Strait – Luna
4. Govinda – Clear with Fantasy
5. Ultimae – 10-low-tide-explorations – Low Tide Explorations
6. Jon Anderson – Speed Deep (The Future Sound of London Deseo Reconstruction Mix)
7. Nicolas Jaar – Almost Fell
8. Kiyoko – Valley
9. Markhjorthoy – Animat-liquid-fuel-mark – Liquid Fuel (Mark Hjorthoy’s Floating in the Stars Mix)
10. Stray – When It Rains
11. Journeyman – 50cc Part 2 (33 rpm)
12. Blamstrain – Linja (Mosaik Remix)
13. 36 – A Final Thought
14. Misledconvoy – Lost-in-the-valley-of-the – Lost in the Valley of the Scintilla Strings (Misled Convoy Mix)

Aug 262013

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

This is a live recorded mix from my set at Moontribe, Full Moon Gathering, March 2013. It contains some slightly more energetic downtempo but ends gently and ambiently. My favorite kind of flow for a closing set.

Mastered to perfection by Brian Saitzyk aka @easternsun


1. Electricwest – The Inability to Relate Pt. 2
2. Celt Islam – Against the Grain
3. Third Ear Audio – The End
4. Nautilus – Nine Miles
5. Digitalis – Cold Fusion
6. KiloWatts – Deliriously
7. Lee Burton – Crash
8. TD Project – Always a Message
9. Dream Stalker – Dialekt
10. Erot – Into the Deep Consciousness
11. Kodomo – Concept 1
12. Quanta – Recept (Griff’s Footprints on the Brain Mix)
Scann-Tec – Phone Call (Live Edit)
Electricwest – Bruises
Hibernation – Singularity
Gaudi – Chaine a Chaine
Ace Ventura & Lish – Into the Light (Bluetech Mix)
Dream Stalker – Kair
Vakuum Sounds – Journey After a Snakebite
Kiyoko – Shinagawa
Aes Dana – Jetlag Corporation
Frederic Robinson – So Close To Being Human
Evac – What Once Was West (feat. Rena Jones)
Chinese Man – He Said
Occam – Anzix
Rumpistol & Red Baron – Dinosaurs
Rain Dog – Beyond Their Years (DJ Maggie Edit)
VidasM – Lime Flavour

Oct 022012

Stream or download WAV above, or download MP3 here.

Poolside. Yoga retreat. Hot tub. Potluck. Oh yeah, and groooooovy beats. How could you go wrong?

I was honored to be included in Tropical’s 14th anniversary campout gathering, marking 5 years now that I’ve been playing with this groovy crew. We had several breaks in the music, and I got to start things up on Sunday morning after a 7-hour break in the music. Been digging into some jazzy grooves lately, evidenced by this playlist. This was a live recording.

Mastered with his usual excellence by Brian Saitzyk aka Eastern Sun.


1. Ott – From Trunch to Stromness
2. Sola Rosa – Sleepwalker
3. David Holmes – Rodney Yates
4. Sandspider – The Groove
5. Jenova 7 – A Touch of Evil
6. The Dining Rooms – Pure & Easy
7. Acid Pauli – (La Voz) Tan Tierra
8. Kodomo – Concept 10
9. Sick-E – Insanity Waits (feat. Phour Trakk)
10. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk – Socks n Strings & SP12
11. Alex Cortiz – Funkalicious
12. Govinda – Hypnotic (Redubbed)
13. Lurob – Down the Road
14. Bugseed – Enough and To Spare
15. Burdy – Doobie Dada (Solid Doctor Dope Rmx)
16. Genun – Passage of Time
17. Benny Tones – Fire Fly (Opiuo Mix)
18. Prefuse 73 – Storm Returns
19. Claude Von Stroke – Bay Area
20. Ouija – Meet Me at the Lab
21. Grillo – Bubbles
22. Bomb the Bass – Bug Powder Dust (Dub)
23. Dream Stalker – Deeping
24. Parov Stelar – For All We Know
25. Eddie Silverton – Lost Faces
26. Karuan – Dunya (Nickodemus Remix)
27. David Rinman – Based on Instrumental
28. Parov Stelar – Odessa
29. Cybajaz – Cybajaz