May 182011

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April 2011 saw a wondrous thing: A gathering organized by several overlapping party crews within our community. Terrakroma, Electric Cocoon, and Green Sector pooled their resources to throw an amazing, unforgettable event that left lots of people smiling.

I had the honor of playing at this gathering, shortly after a break in the music and before it got jiggy with Sonoform…here’s the mix for you to enjoy.


1. Pitch Black – Speech (International Observer White Amplitude Mix)
2. Hardfloor – Dubdope
3. Eat Static – Ocean of Fire
4. Shanti Roots vs. Scheibosan – Yoni
5. Nada – Numbers
6. Lusine – Still Frame (Lusine remix)
7. Ace Ventura & Lish – The Light (Bluetech mix)
8. Banco de Gaia – Desert Wind (Satsuma Nightmare Remix)
9. Pitch Black – Flex (Automattic Re-Rub)
10. Chris Zippel – Summerblink
11. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Reaktion
12. Lusine – Everything Under the Sun
13. Grillo – Bubbles
14. Monophobic – Sureshot
15. The Black Seeds – Almost Home (Jet Jaguar Remix)
16. Spy From Cairo – Coming Home
17. P.S.O.I. – What You Gonna Do?
18. Shanti Maktin vs. Jimbo – What Vibrations

May 032011
Joseph Chad Hill, 1979-2010

We honor the memory of our dear friend.

A dear friend and fellow photographer, Joe was remarkable for not only his eye, but his entire philosophy of making every day of his life count. He knew his time was limited, due to a degenerative condition; his gusto for exploring new realms was commendable. Most recently, in October/November 2010, Joe returned to Ghana for the fourth time, to capture its essence and to bring back hand-carved djembe drums for good friends. Shortly after his return, Joe’s health declined rapidly and he died in December.

When I had my own first photography show at Whole Foods last November, Joe made a point of coming to the opening reception, even though he was literally on his way home from the airport and jetlagged. It meant a lot to me to have his support. My partner, Dave, arranged for Whole Foods to host a retrospective of Joe’s work, including some of the shots from his recent trip to Ghana. I’ve been honored to lend assistance to this project, and Joe’s work will be on display through May 18. If you’re in the Venice area and would like to see some beautiful work, stop by during Whole Foods’ operating hours, 7am-10pm 7 days a week.

Whole Foods Venice
225 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291