Birthday Moon

In May of 2012, the Full Moon fell on the day of my birth, and so I was able to play a set on my actual birthday – something I’d never been able to do before. In fact, I was playing at the actual time of my birth as well – such a treat. I’d been collecting a bunch of new music that branched out into a more glitchy, IDM-like space than I’d ever played before, and I was inspired. I also knew it would likely be a longer set to play, as people might not be ready to wind all the way down after the usual 1.5-2 hours. I had so much fun playing! Even more delightful, when my set was finished, as I stood there packing up my gear, I was surprised by a spontaneous singing of “Happy birthday” from the 60-odd folks who were left on the dancefloor. As I looked out among friendly faces of my beloved community, I felt more at home than ever. How’d we get so lucky?


1. Iacchus – Boss Frog
2. Hibernation – Beautiful Sky
3. J Viewz – Feeler
4. Friends Electric – Pondlife
5. Metaphorical Cloud – Gardens
6. Keramick & Lobo – Answers (Rumpistol Mix)
7. Rumpistol – G.T.
8. Auma – The Old Magick
9. Random Rab – Shishala
10. Trifonic – Infiltration
11. Kodomo – Concept 10
12. Of Porcelain – Remembering Self
13. Mauxuam – B4 After
14. Doof – Mantra
15. Bluetech – Emerald Epiphytes (KiloWatts RattleFunk Mix)
16. Occam – Midnight Taper
17. Lunchbox – Swordfish
18. Hibernation – Seven Steps
19. Trifonic – Parks On Fire
20. Murya – Grey Daze
21. Pilgrims of the Mind – Sandcastle
22. Berkstroem – Melodic Jewel
23. Deep Dive Corp – Lucsus
24. Hermitude – Mystical Herm’s
25. Obo – Slide Burn I & II
26. Parov Stelar – I Hold You
27. The Eff Word – TBC (Crustation Slow Mix)
28. Orbient – In Time
29. I Awake – Reflecting Impulses
30. Electricwest – Bruises
31. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Endospore
32. Helios – Jaguar Sun


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