Velvet Vessel

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A voyage into the soft & quiet spaces of the beatless realm. This is a live recording of my ambient set from Floasis, a downtempo gathering that happens in Southern California from time to time. We planned the flow for ambient music from midnight to sunrise, so our guests could choose to listen or be lullabied as they slept. I’ve made ambient studio mixes before, but this was my first time playing an ambient set out, live. It’s a work in progress.

Mastering done to perfection, as usual, by Brian Saitzyk.

1. Idlemode – Late Rate
2. Mantsevich Dzenis – November
3. Cepia – Public Address
4. VidasM – Lime Flavour
5. Melorman – One
6. Phobium – Another Orbit Around the Sun
7. Electricwest – Niche
8. Rumpistol and Red Baron – Howie
9. Stephan Mathieu – Schwarzschild Radius
10. Essáy – Origami
11. Miasma – Serum Switch
12. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Betula Pendula
13. Metaphorical Cloud – Morphing
14. Wombatmusic – Along the Way (release no longer available)
15. The Host – 3am Surfing
16. Julian Neto – Questionable Things
17. Mike Shannon, Takeshi Nishimoto, Blue Fields – Open Your Eyes

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