DJ Maggie now on Mixcloud too!

I’m happy to announce that I now have many of my older mixes posted and available for streaming on Mixcloud. Check em out here.

**Edit 3/6/14** I started posting to Mixcloud in part because of the way they do things, and in part because my account at SoundCloud only allowed 12 hours of music; however, they have changed the terms of my account so I can now upload an unlimited amount, so SoundCloud has far more mixes available.

I still post most of my newest mixes to SoundCloud, but the time limitations of my Solo account (12 hours total) means that as I add new mixes, the older ones must be cleared out of the way; I’ve come to appreciate the way Mixcloud is set up, and so I’ve set up a profile there and welcome you to visit sometime.

I have two new mixes in the can that I’m preparing to upload, as soon as they are mastered by the mastering master, Brian Saitzyk; stay tuned to this space, or on Facebook, or on SoundCloud, for announcements! And as always, links to ALL my mixes can be found in their current locations here on this site, wherever they may be. Save this link in your bookmarks/favorites for easy reference!

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