New photoset – Bell Island, VT

Ah, summer. Living in Southern California, sometimes it feels like summer is perpetually here, so it’s refreshing to get out and see other parts of the world which DON’T have the privilege of mild weather year-round. This past July I had an opportunity to join some friends on a privately owned small island in Vermont, in the middle of a huge lake called Lake Memphremagog. Right up by the US/Canadian border, it was truly a departure from the chaparral and deserts of California that I know and love so well. The island was off the grid, which made it an especially sweet treat for me, someone who makes her living from digital devices. There was far more venturing out into the woods, laughing & telling stories by campfire, and enjoying the silence with the wind through the trees. A true “reset”.

No sooner had I landed than I had to explore with my camera and I was richly rewarded. If you’d like to see what I saw, come have a look.

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