Monthly Archives: January 2018


This was the first half of a live set I played on the chill stage at a desert event called Desert Escape in October 2017. I had been booked for the main stage but couldn’t resist laying down some tunes at the little chill stage that was set up near my camp. I was exploring newly added tunes in my library, just playing around. Tracklist: 1. Kuba – Dub of the Dreamer 2. Entheogenic – Asherah 3. Dubsalon – Ancient […]

Beats Served Neat

Who doesn’t love a good house party? This was an opening set for such a setting, celebrating a dear friend’s birthday while cocktails and dinner were served. Later on, dancing commenced. But for now – classy tunes and sumptuous beats. Tracklist: 1. Sandspider – The Groove 2. Third Person Lurkin – Liquid Lights 3. Sheik & Beige – Aim Low 4. David Holmes – Rodney Yates 5. D-Echo Project – Inadequacy 6. Sick-E – Dark Matter 7. Third Person Lurkin […]