This was the first half of a live set I played on the chill stage at a desert event called Desert Escape in October 2017. I had been booked for the main stage but couldn’t resist laying down some tunes at the little chill stage that was set up near my camp. I was exploring newly added tunes in my library, just playing around.


1. Kuba – Dub of the Dreamer
2. Entheogenic – Asherah
3. Dubsalon – Ancient Tongues
4. Guitoud – Citizen
5. EMOG – Mystic Flight
6. Snakestyle & Sweetleaf – Out of Bounds Part 1 Reprise
7. Edamame – At Home
8. Krusseldorf – Ceremony For Broken Robots
9. EMOG – Connecting Particles
10. 5AM – Sapiens
11. Edamame – Indigo Pigments
12. Krusseldorf – Midnight Glitching
13. iinaK – Topaz
14. Pi-project – Gravity


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