October 2018, Moontribe Full Moon Gathering. Since I started playing at Moontribe in 2006, I haven’t yet missed a set I committed to playing. For this gathering, I happened to be completely ill with a chest/head cold…apart from my set, I spent the majority of my time out in the desert huddled in my tent with a box of tissue and a kit full of cold meds.

Standing up for close to 2 hours straight for my set, I just about fainted after I played my last track. But I made it! In honor of that moment, I am calling this one “Echinacea”. Some gentle bass music, psychill, and other eclectic tunes that are pleasing to my ear and my brain.

1. Chrisna Karast – Bliss of Vrindavan
2. Ekorce – Lapis Lazuli
3. Hedflux – Brain Ambrosia
4. Rumpistol – Forest Drops feat. Bwoy de Bhajan (Osmetic Remix)
5. Motion Drive – Bombay Day Trip
6. Advanced Suite – PsyBounce
7. Kalya Scintilla – The Calling (Desert Dwellers Remix)
8. Luke Mandala – Inspiration (feat. Neil Kramer)
9. Shwamp – Nanogroove For Little Beings
10. Kaya Project – …& So It Goes (Evil Oil Man Remix)
11. Bombay Dub Orchestra – City of Amber
12. Hypnotizer – Relaxing (Green Beats Remix)
13. South Dolphin – Linger in My Soul
14. Ulterior Motive, Kimyan Law, Nuage – Half the Sky (Kimyan Law Remix)
15. 5AM – Komorebi
16. The Flowerball Project – Flowers After All
17. ATYYA – Committed
18. Erothyme – Silent Observers (Charlesthefirst Remix)
19. Bluetech – Unidentified Flying Octopus (Mr. Bill Remix)
20. ATYYA – Wings
21. Author – After Time (feat. Quark)

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