Dust to Dust

I found this old live mix collecting digital dust in my archives. It’s the first hour and change of a live set I played at a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in November 2017. There are a couple of short video clips that were taken by Danny Isaacs while I played this set, which can be seen on my Facebook DJ page and YouTube channel. The tracks are mostly more energetic downtempo, good for dancing.


1. Supersillyus – A List of Instructions for When I’m Human
2. Aligning Minds – Ether Perfect
3. Griff – Upper
4. Hypnagog – Micro-Cosmic
5. Auma – Blue Skin Reflect (Griff’s Refracted Mix)
6. Tripswitch – Goldbach’s Conjecture
7. Variant Field – Dulcet Dalliance
8. KiloWatts – Coppertone (feat. Mike Greenfield)
9. J. Viewz – Feeler
10. Griff – Modify
11. Ten Madison – Rhythm & Groove
12. Zen Baboon – Chido Clara (Hacienda Mix)
13. Astralasia – Bongwater Dub (Kissing the Toad Remix)

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