Grilled Beats

Summertime pool parties – one of my favorite settings for playing music. This set was recorded at the tail end of one such party in 2018. The music had been more energetic all day and I started playing as the sun was setting, while the host started up the fire pit and the last of the revelers gathered around, not quite ready to head home yet. Gentle beats with a little more emotion.


1. Invisible Allies – Mulberry Windows (Aligning Minds Remix)
2. Spatialize – Koi Dreaming
3. Yello – Til Tomorrow
4. Shwamp – Glitch Adventure
5. Argus – Feelings
6. Miika Kuisma – Abyss
7. Data Rebel – Re-Delete
8. Spiral System – Sweet Flowers
9. Audiokonstrukte – Slow the Moment
10. Dream Stalker – Dialekt
11. Scann-Tec – Aviator
12. Grouch – Acid Tested
13. Spatialize – Koog and Zalem
14. Bansara – Tuvan
15. Asonat – Forgotten
16. Animat – The Third Exit
17. Melorman – Two and a Nine

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