Ka Mua

I named this mix “Ka Mua” which translates as “First”, as I was asked to play this set during an early morning yoga set at a yoga & music retreat called Tropical Oasis, held at a beautiful campground on Maui. We kept the energy low and flow to accomodate both the early hour and the climbing temperature. An hour and change in length, with a long last track for a prolonged sivasana pose at the end.


1. Rhucle – Visitor
2. Skywide – Here I’ll Stay, With You
3. Sync24 – Coffee Break in Orbit
4. Bansara – Morning Wind
5. Guardner – Zero Altitude
6. Lab’s Cloud – Hypnotes
7. Edamame – Bask
8. Kalaha – Spejderrbot
9. Green Beats – A Touching Trip (Lab’s Cloud Remix)
10. The Psychedelic Manifesto – Lost in Dub (Chilled) Snakestyle Meets Tangerine Dream on the Dark Side of the Moon
11. Sinewave – Star Tripping
12. Orbient – In Time
13. Hypnotizer – Relaxing (Green Beats Remix)
14. Snakestyle – Misunderstood
15. Desert Dwellers – Lotus Heart

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