The Curated Life (for Cervantes Magaña)

In June of 2018, the world lost a bright soul in the form of my friend, Cervantes Magaña. He was a true renaissance man who touched the worlds of everyone he met. Our mutual community held a celebration gathering of his life, and this was the set I played there. We will never forget.


1. Sounds From the Ground – Departures
2. Tactyl vs Wada – WadAttack
3. Motion Drive – Dubalicious
4. Liquid Bloom – Fire Gathering (ReGen: AtyYa Remix)
5. Emog – Light the Sky
6. Hibernation – Knowledge & Spirit (Tuatara Remix)
7. log(m) & Laraaji – Oregano in E Minor
8. Translippers – Full Moon Kiss
9. Kaya Project – Deep Kaya (Zen Baboon Mix)

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