Almandine – Living Room Sessions Vol. 3

Living Room Sessions. Live recordings of those wild and carefree moments when it’s time to chill. I can pull out my favorite tunes, the chiller the better, and just see how they sound together. In the comfort of my own living room.

This set was recorded during my first Facebook Live session in December 2018.


1. Ganucheau – Spirit
2. Within Reason – Correlate
3. All India Radio – Life And How We Do It
4. Chris Zippel – Summerblink
5. Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling
6. Etnica – Funky Bong
7. Edamame – Passim (feat. Emancipator)
8. Fine Cut Bodies – Skyway Noire (Sixis Remix)
9. Hinkstep – My Forest Queen
10. Bansara – Borneo
11. Giyo – Mind Games
12. Kaya Project – Dark Roads (Desert Dwellers Remix)
13. Tactyl – Expert I

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