Bento Box

A set I created for Bluetech’s Holotropic Happy Hour stream show, December 2020. Mastered by Bluetech. Check out the show here:


Temple Step Project feat. Madhu Honey – This Love
Rain Dog – The Sunny Side Of The Ocean
Dillard – Summit
Kercha – Hold The Breath
Aquiver – Inmaiden
RQ – Solar Wind
EMOG – The Star
Relativity Lounge – Mitigation Plan
Bil Bless – Beneath Eternity
Fuel Cell – Pulse Song
Beatfarmer – Spring Water ft. Lo.Renzo
Polynation – Damp
KiloWatts – Monument (KiloWatts Enormous Remix)
Shwamp – Surrender
Martin Nonstatic – Ligand
Polynation – Why You (Oaktree Remix)
Lab’s Cloud – Ethereal World
Balance – It’s Just Water
AOKI Takamasa and Tujiko Noriko – 26th Floor
Organismic – Careful with that bronze age burial mound
Mumbo Jumbo – Speaking in Tongues
Lotus – Out of Focus (Kilowatts – Bifocal Remix)
LUM – Nfrt.y.ty feat Sunru
il-lo – Ybbs
Apparat – Laminar Flow

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