Recorded live during my weekly Sunday Twitch show “Omakase” on May 31 2020. I was feeling the weight of the civil unrest across the country, and stayed close to heart medicine music.

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Nanosphere – Exogenesis
Kaya Project – The Fearless Path (ft. Irina Mikhailova)
Shwamp – Echodebetic
Pitch Black – Third Light
iinaK – Falling Out
Beatfarmer – Droplets
AtYaA & Goopsteppa – Lucid
DJ Krush – Still Island (feat. Shuzan Morita)
Hibernation – Colours
Sick-E – Dark Matter
Giyo – Our Planet is Down
Cates & DPL – Late Night Nothingness
Bluetech – Light Years From Home
Melorman – Deep
Kaya Project – The Weight of Words (Hedflux Remix)
Mux Mool – Lazy Soul
Journeyman – 50cc Part 2
Karmma State – Ego Analysis
Spatialize – Sundog
Eat Static – Beyond Our Dreams
Rain Dog – Dream is Destiny
Tracing Arcs – Voodoo (Zengineers Undecided Remix)
Om Unit & Synkro – Reflections
Amawalk – Huju feat. Amalgamy
Chris Zippel – Around, Arrived (Aurora Mix)
Balance – Lightness

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