Mama Luna

This was the set I played to open Moontribe Sunday Vibe – Streaming Edition in May 2020. I’d just bought a bunch of new music, so many of the tracks were new to me and I had so much fun discovering how they mixed well with other favorite tracks of mine. I trimmed the end a little as I had intended to close with the CloZee track, but had to stretch a little to the full time of my set.


Mantismash – Ocean of Clouds
Tipper – Table Flipping
Beatroots – Navigation
Pitch Black – Third Light
Hedflux – Mercurial
AtYyA – Volition
Hedflux – Equinosis
Bluetech – Wandering Spirits
Somatoast – In Syzygy (Somatoast & Zonra)
Shen – Embrace (Deadbeat’s Soaking in the Dub Remix)
EMOG – Freefall
Kaya Project – Beware the Drunken Master (Digitalis Remix)
Illusive Tuna – Low Frequency Ocelot
Grouch – Computer Language (ft. Foldy)
Jaia – Desert Walk
Flowertz – Call of the Forest
CloZee – Secret Place (Tor Remix)

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