Love Always Wins

A mix created for Bluetech’s weekly Twitch stream show, Holotropic Happy Hour, in January 2021. I was still processing the events of Insurrection Day and felt called to create something that would heal the pain in my heart.

Check out the show here:

Zen Baboon – Cloud Garden
Rau D – Let Go
Occult – Bay
SubOcybin – Wu Wei
Murya – Lemon Trees
Nigel Mullaney – Beyond The Maps Edge
Martin Nonstatic – Apana Part 4
Oaktree – A little tenderness
AtyyA – Above The Clouds
Erothyme – Soo Maany Staars (KiloWatts Blueshift Remix)
Oak – Mongoose
Data Rebel – Long Time Gone
Microfunk Crew – December (instrumental) [Digital Bonus]
Tristan de Liège – Natural Bridges, Pt. I
Khromi – Fluctuate
Lyndon Jarr – Geisha
Oaktree & Avondlicht – Abyss
Kercha – Letters
5AM – Dripstone ft. Eviali
Peter Broderick – And It’s Alright (Nils Frahm Remix)
Rain Dog – In Your Arms
Long Arm – Air
Frameworks – Patience
Dillard – Introspective
Polynation – Interstice
Merrin Karras – Apex

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