Made A Mayday

This is a set I crafted in May 2021 for my monthly appearance on Holotropic Happy Hour, a 2-hour weekly A/V stream that I co-produce with Evan Bluetech on Twitch. Catch the show Wed/Thurs every week here:


Martin Roth – Wait for it
Rohne – Light Forms
Keerd – Ancient Lake
Rodriguez Jr. – Nairobi
Dillard – Prana
Satori – Mori Shej ft. Peia
Bwoy De Bhajan – Mannequin Disorder
Shwamp – Valley Of Stones
Kaya Project – Desert Child (Original Mix)
Polynation – Wildeburg
Rone – Planet Zoo
Ten Madison – Herbst Wind
Zonra – The Louis Pirouette
Balance – Love
Kaya Project – Zheng ’21 (Original Live Recording)
Kaya Project – Zheng ’21 (Digitalis’ Drone-Hop Roller Mix)
Desert Dwellers feat. Paul Stamets – One Giant Consciousness
Hypnotizer – Kiskanu
Zonra – Burning Through Time (feat. Erin Sky Dillon)
Erothyme – Steep Dreams (feat. ILAS & Jessica Borth)
Loomis & Jones – The Metal Serpent
Other Spectrum – Leave Me
Bathysphere – Augusta
Sorse – Breadth
Korsun – Iridium Flares
Akuratyde – Wonder, Love & Loss
Calibre – Down That Road

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