Matters of the Heart – Compiled by DJ Maggie

When Evan Bluetech asked me to curate a compilation for Behind The Sky, there was no hesitation to accept the invitation. We’ve been dear friends for years, and he knows me so well – having an opportunity to put my curation skills to work, along with the privilege of collaborating with artists whose music and art feed my soul, is a perfect fit for me – and I have loved every moment of this process.

Now we get to share it all with you! We’ve activated pre-sales on the Bandcamp page now, ahead of our release date of 6/25, as the 2xLP deluxe gatefold copies are in limited quantity and we may sell out. They’re so pretty, with the white vinyl complimenting Michael Divine‘s beautiful artwork. There are some perks available if you’d like to support this release in style, so check them out on the Bandcamp page.

The press release:

Behind The Sky is proud to present our 16th release, a gorgeous overview of contemporary downtempo electronic music compiled by label DJ and collaborator extraordinaire DJ Maggie. The global ambient music scene and small chill-out rooms are the spaces that have fed and informed our musical taste since the early 90’s. Paying homage to the deep waters and magical moments of the lesser and the unknown, this compilation is a love song to the community and sound that has inspired everything that we do.
Over 14 tracks and 7 countries, the artists on ‘Matters of the Heart’ represent a cross-section of some of the most amazing, innovative and highly complex electronic music that is being released internationally. From the drum n bass-inspired minimalism of Russian producer Bop, the masterful sonic manipulation of American producer KiloWatts, the organic and genre-defying soul of UK producer Seb Taylor aka Hibernation, to the austere and chilling perfection of Ocoeur’s ambient impressionism, this compilation represents a journey through emotion, tenderness, feeling and connection.

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