About DJ Maggie

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dj maggie
DJ Maggie

DJ Maggie is not out to rattle empty beats.  She’s after a human connection through the universal language of music.  Her soulful sets go deep into the groove of ambient, downtempo and trip-hop, taking her audience along on a spacious, uplifting ride.

The Southern-California native purchased her very first album at age nine.  It was ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd. Decades later, she still applies similar discernment to the artists and tracks she hand-selects whether she’s playing a desert dance floor, forest festival, or creating a gentle mix for a yoga class. She clocks light years online scouring for transcendent tunes—firm favorites include the work of Bluetech, Hibernation and Kaya Project.

An early and enthusiastic adopter of the mixed tape, Maggie has always loved sharing good music (and audio odysseys) with her friends.  Through DJing, she’s also captured the ears of conscious partygoers, as well as downtempo and trip-hop music fans all over the globe who find her on Facebook, Soundcloud and other sites.

Initiated to the decks by her beloved Moontribe community in 2005, Maggie has gone on to play events for other cool crews like Green Sector, Tropical and the Do Lab. Ultimately, Maggie dons her headphones in the hope that her playful, positive music offers a moment of meaning, healing or inspiration to those tuning in.

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