DJ Maggie - Beat Bhaji

Beat Bhaji

DJ Maggie · Beat Bhaji
Recorded live during my weekly stream show, Omakase, on July 26 2020. Gentle rhythms. Trimmed to 1.5 hours and aired on stream August 2021. This is the full 2 hour version. Tracklist: Manu Zain - Es Vedra Ion Driver - Lighten Up Martin Nonstatic - Ligand Snakestyle - Point To Point KiloWatts - Condensation Advanced Suite - Just Dont Stop Living Light - Geminid Dream Stalker - Kair Audiokonstrukte - Slow The Moment Nuphlo - Senses Aes Dana - Blossom Subtle Shift - Correlate Stillhead - Vast Expanse Calicofrost - Jasmine Beltower (Tangled Branches rmx) Giogio - Relaxed Fit Om Unit - The Mirror Atmosphere Factory - 11 Apsaras (Live) Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Cinematize - Curveball Version Hedflux - Corvid Phase HNGVR - I Was Just... Stillhead - While The Lady Sleeps Ian Boddy - Omicron
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