DJ Maggie · Enchanted

This is my set from Holotropic Happy Hour (HHH), Spring Equinox 2023. HHH is a quarterly Twitch A/V show I co-produce on Bluetech's Twitch channel.

Catching Flies - Sunrays
Ovoid - Comunifeels
Eu - Hipenjoy
Jiaming - Sea & She
Sounds From The Ground - Train Of Thought
Kuba - Unsinkable
The Flowerball Project - Flowers After All
Rocket Empire - Simmer Down Jammie
Bluetech - Restless (Erothyme Remix)
Rohne - Aurora
Unknown Reality - Out Of Nothing
Rithma - Bangabadanga
Akal Dub - Eunoia
The Lushlife Project - Soul Reservation Morning
EMOG - Under the Sun
Kaya Project ft. Pooja Tiwari - Always Hope (Globular Remix)
Occult - Bay

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