Heart Intelligence (mix for Dubmission/RadiOzora)

Heart Intelligence (mix for Dubmission/RadiOzora)

radiOzora · DJ MAGGIE | Dubmission Records series Ep. 17 | 28/07/2021

In July 2021 I was invited to make a mix for my good friend Jasper, who heads up Dubmission Records, as part of their ongoing program on RadiOzora, the 24/7 online radio station from the venerable Ozora festival. I opted to make a mix featuring ONLY music from artists who had participated in my compilation, "Matters of the Heart". I called the mix "Heart Intelligence"

To celebrate the release of "Matters of the Heart", the first compilation curated by Dubmission's favourite downtempo selector, DJ Maggie, we're handing over this month's spot to her for a sublime mix.

:: Tracklist ::
Erothyme - Soo Maany Staars (KiloWatts Blueshifted Remix)
Data Rebel - Self Second Guessing
Rain Dog - Dream Is Destiny
Akuratyde - Passengers (feat. Bop)
Hibernation - The Human Condition
Bluetech - Seed To Soil
Misled Convoy - Fire on the Mountain
Bop - Insight [2013]
Ocoeur - Confused
KiloWatts - Loutre De Lune
Erothyme - Wildflower
Stillhead - Stop Staring
Rain Dog - Noah's Arp
Keerd - Returning Home
Stillhead - After 3am
Data Rebel - Revolve
Bluetech - Submerge
Erothyme - Context-Dependent Emotional Memory
Nigel Mullaney - Lost At Sea
Misled Convoy - Subject to Chance
Hibernation - Empty Cities
Bop - Are We Dreaming
Bluetech - Seance For The Living (Live Jam)
Erothyme - When there's Nothing Left but You
Martin Nonstatic - DreamScapes
KiloWatts - Living Stones

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