Lunar Lullabies

Lunar Lullabies

DJ Maggie · Lunar Lullabies

An exploration into the chiller side of rhythmic electronica.

A portion of this was recorded live during the 1-year anniversary of my former Twitch show, Omakase, in April 2021. The remainder was sequenced in the studio to expand the mix to two hours, for broadcast on Holotropic Happy Hour, the former weekly A/V Twitch show I co-produced on Bluetech's channel for over 2 years.

Rumpistol - Jossi
Waveshaper - Autonomous Phenomena (Zaibatsu Mix)
Shwamp - Desert Heat
Dummy Splash - Desert Lighthouse
Tipper - Portal Spillage
Somatoast - Tapping in Boyd Hill
Random Rab - The Spice
Invisible Inks - Birds Aren't Real
Frederic Robinson - Shut
Bop - Take Your Time
Sacred Seeds - The Reach
Somatoast - Icicle
Balancé - Cosmic connection III
Boards Of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Pitch Black - Daylight Wasting
Desert Dwellers - At Last, Our Refuge
Data Rebel - Ion
Deeb - Speak in Colours (Zen Baboon Remix)
Hidden Orchestra - East London Street
Emancipator, Rena Jones, Flowerpulse - Iceland
Mindex - 5100 Miles
M-Seven - Creative Tao
Dream Stalker - Kair
All India Radio - Brightness Reef
Dillard - Insight
Scann-Tec - Phone Call (live edit)
KiloWatts - Emotion

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