DJ Maggie · Shimmy

This is a live recording of an opening set I played at Disclosurefest in Los Angeles, June 2022. Lots of influences from cultures around the world in this playlist.

Oco - Sandalo (Zen Baboon Remix - Longer Mix)
Captures - Cloud Drifter
Somatoast - Kokoa (Edamame Remix)
Yoofee - Wings
Jean du Voyage - Sensitive
Globular & Geoglyph - Take Down Everything
EMOG - The Magical Wind (beatfarmer Remix)
y e l a g u a - Micro e Macro
Shwamp - Wonky
The Black Seeds - Almost Home (Jet Jaguar Remix)
Govinda - Union of Body and Sound
Tosca - Tropical
Geju x Hovo - Easy Tiger
Alef - Alma
Viken Arman - Charlie's Absinthe
Captures - Matakan Mwami
Akuandub - Ether
Karuan - Dunya (Nickodemus RMX)
Ak?n Sevgör - Geometric
Hedflux & Alex Delfont - Opia
Deep Dive Corp. - Rising Sun (Flipside's Shine RMX)
Klik & Frik - Achalay
Deisen (Sofa Beats) - Cinderella (Landhouse Remix)
Rocket Empire - Boombadom

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