DJ Maggie · Shindiggity

This mix is a live recording of my opening set from Love Long Beach in July 2022. I was going for a "playful and inviting" vibe.

Hedflux - Corvid Phase
beatfarmer - Piano Masala (Pangani remix)
Shwamp - Hai
M-Seven - Spiritual Spy
Bluetech - Green Sophia (Gnosis Mix)
Trippin Jaguar - Arecibo
Sigil - Jahowl
Galaxy Drop - Micro Movement
Trippin Jaguar - Duat - Featuring Raffaello Visconti
Sea Raven - Heart Way
tranquility bass - Ionosphere
Theo Gramal - Orakle
Zen Baboon - Sabo de Raia
Giyo - Faux Monsoon
ali dada - Tea Surf (Trippin Jaguar's Neon Wave Remix)
Easyjack - 106 chill glitch (unreleased)
Zen Baboon & Freud - Moonlight
Wasisunqu - Tlatikpa (Ishdub Remix)
Lo Renzo - Tonle Sap
Vicious Cactus - Jazzy Hall
Kariyan - Im Spiegel Ist Sonntag

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