DJ Maggie - Sonic Sunshine

Sonic Sunshine

DJ Maggie · Sonic Sunshine
This is the recording of my opening set for Moontribe Sunday Vibe in July 2021. Tracklist: Xerxes - The Martini Effect Bugbites - Ransom Atyya - Chronos Trippin Jaguar - Fou feat. Shakuar Galaxy Drop - Gravitation Novation Lusine - Baffle Rumle - Sun is Out Erothyme - Iris Hop (pheel. Remix) IshDub - Shanty Boy Evil Oil Man - Alienation Sethadelik - Archaic Technologies Foreign Concept and Klax - Ask Yourself Relativity Lounge - Contraband Mystic State - Tomahawk Ourman - Windy Mercy - Barbados Kercha - Fulminating Mungk - Buzuq Riddim Clive de Carle presents the New World Orchestra - Tea Time in Bengal Liquid Stranger - The Molecule Man (Remix)
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