DJ Maggie - Space Helmet

Space Helmet

DJ Maggie · Space Helmet
This mix turned out pretty spacey in vibe, which is where the title comes from. I made this set for my October monthly appearance on Holotropic Happy Hour, the Twitch stream A/V show that I co-produce on Bluetech's Twitch channel. Check out our show, Wednesdays 5-7pm Pacific and repeating 9-11am Pacific at Tracklist: Helios - Never Will You Be Without Alkor - Soundscaping (Part 2) Atmosphere Factory - 11 Apsaras (Live) Planet Boelex - Still Data Rebel - Angular Bop - Dub Forest Subtle Shift - Soul Pillow Rinzam - Body Ballet Kiyoko - Headlights Chris Zippel - Around, Arrived (Aurora Mix) Synkro - In Transit Illuvia - Autumn Light (Origin) Solar Fields - Last Step In Vacuum Nym - Shortlife Martin Roth - Caress Recursive Memories - Flourescent Moon Digitonal - The Dance's Pattern islandman - Following Benge - iso-grifo EROT - Morild Martin Nonstatic - Kepler's Laws Marconi Union - On Reflection Mike Sheridan - Morgentimer Bluetech - Dawn Ascent Keerd - Patience
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