DJ Maggie · Wanderlust

This is a set I assembled for Sunday Sundowns, the weekly Twitch downtempo show put on by my fellow chillers, The Ambient Mafia, in November 2022. I was inspired to craft an hourlong set that would fit well in a chill room, and ended up with a tracklist from artists all around the world.


ali dada - Ojoupe
Trippin Jaguar - Arecibo
Handpan - Connecting Souls
Rhi - Craving Your Love (Instrumental)
Aux25 - Scanner
Auditive Escape - Mirage du Visage (Digital Only)
Ak?n Sevgör - Deviations
Miktek - Parenthesis (Ozora live edit)
Data Rebel - Cyber
Bop - Deep Space
Dillard - I Want To
Erothyme - Northern Cross (unreleased)

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