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Velvet Vessel

DJ Maggie 路 Velvet Vessel A voyage into the soft & quiet spaces of the beatless realm. This is a live recording of my ambient set from Floasis, a downtempo gathering that happens in Southern California from time to time. We planned the flow for ambient music from midnight to sunrise, so our guests could choose to listen or be lullabied as they slept. I’ve made ambient studio mixes before, but this was my first time playing an ambient set […]

Birthday Moon

DJ Maggie 路 Birthday Moon In May of 2012, the Full Moon fell on the day of my birth, and so I was able to play a set on my actual birthday – something I’d never been able to do before. In fact, I was playing at the actual time of my birth as well – such a treat. I’d been collecting a bunch of new music that branched out into a more glitchy, IDM-like space than I’d ever played […]

Aural Guacamole

DJ Maggie 路 Aural Guacamole I am happy to share my set from our glorious adventure in Mexico in April…Aural Guacamole, recorded live at Electric Poncho. The weather was HOT and the surroundings sublime. Accordingly, the beats are mellow so as not to raise anyone’s body聽temperature too much. Enjoy 馃檪 Tracklist: 1. Occam – Invocation 2. Lemonchill – Mantra (Erot Remix) 3. Naturelement – Double Trouble 4. Yello – Till Tomorrow 5. Bent Intent – Deca 6. Desolate – Divinus […]


DJ Maggie 路 Frequilux My first new studio mix in a while. It’s been an interesting year, with my creative time being split more between DJ bookings and photography, and not nearly as much time in the studio as I would have liked. Hence, the fact that I’ve been sitting on this mix for 11 months, hoping to find some time to tinker with it and add some special touches. Now that it’s done, I am happy to present it […]

Tongue in Groove

DJ Maggie 路 Tongue In Groove Last month I had the honor of playing a set for Ben Annand and the Tropical crew as they celebrated their 13th anniversary at a delicious yoga retreat center just outside the Cleveland National Forest. I’ve been enjoying the warm, housey vibes of Tropical events for 5 years running now, really lovely people and smiles all around. My set opened the day on Saturday of the weekend while people enjoyed the warm weather and […]

Shoulder Rub

DJ Maggie on the Woogie Stage at Lightning in a Bottle, May 2011

Presenting to you…my set from Saturday afternoon on the Woogie Stage at Lightning in a Bottle. Such a fun afternoon that was! (Well, the entire weekend, really.)


1. Hidden Orchestra – Strange
2. Deep Dive Corp – Lucsus
3. The Dining Rooms – Pure & Easy
4. The Eff Word – TBC (Crustation Mix)
5. MonkeyMarc – As the Market Crashes
6. Uriel – You Who Are Reading Me Now
7. Bathysphere – Augusta
8. Alpha Channel – Taboo Island
9. Baby Mammoth – Swing Business
10. Hedfunk – Dark Blue
11. Mastalsky – Happy (Uptight Anti-Stress Workout)
12. 9 Lazy 9 – Black Jesus
13. Electroslide – I’m a Cadillac
14. Lurob – Down the Road
15. Claude VonStroke – Bay Area
16. Rae & Christian – Trailing in the Wake
17. Alex Cortiz – Back on Track
18. Don Carlos – The Sun is Shining
19. Sola Rosa – Go Underground
20. Shanti Roots – New Toy
21. Planet E – Klub Kola (Uptight on the Rocks)
22. Thunderball – The Getaway
23. Eddie Silverton – Aperitif


April 2011 saw a wondrous thing: A gathering organized by several overlapping party crews within our community. Terrakroma, Electric Cocoon, and Green Sector pooled their resources to throw an amazing, unforgettable event that left lots of people smiling. I had the honor of playing at this gathering, shortly after a break in the music and before it got jiggy with Sonoform…here’s the mix for you to enjoy. Tracklist: 1. Pitch Black – Speech (International Observer White Amplitude Mix) 2. Hardfloor […]

Nip It in the Dub

DJ Maggie 路 Nip It In The Dub This mix aired Sept. 17 2010 on Echo Beach dub show for Terry C. and WLUW-FM. An excerpt of a set I played at a SoCal daytime gathering. Dub and some eclectic chill. Tracklist: Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor 鈥 Dreamcatcher International Observer 鈥 Mudshark Lick Pitch Black 鈥 Transient Transmission (Deep Fried Dub) Ott 鈥 From Trunch to Stromness Desert Dwellers 鈥 Yoga Dub Mystic Vibrasphere 鈥 Northern Sunsets Helios 鈥 […]

In-Flight Entertainment

DJ Maggie 路 In – Flight Entertainment Take a journey through dimensions. This was a set I designed for an exhibit of psychedelic art showcased at the Temple of Visions gallery in downtown L.A. Ethereal, mellow beats and serious spaciousness. Tracklist: Fredrik 脰hr – A Day For Great Deeds Omnimotion – Being Moshic – Keeps Me Soft Fredrik 脰hr – Eating Fog Desert Dwellers – Point of Awakening Solar Fields – Sol All India Radio – Open Sky Experiment (ST-244 […]

Therein Lies the Dub

DJ Maggie 路 Therein Lies The Dub Dubmission Records asked me to make a mix from their catalogue for their 15th anniversary. Tracklist: Third Ear Audio 鈥 Intro WooB 鈥 10 Ton Laboratory Third Ear Audio 鈥 Up in Smoke Pitch Black 鈥 Speech (International Observer Mix) Pitch Black 鈥 Electric Earth (DC Mix) Pitch Black 鈥 Ape to Angel Blu 鈥 Dubmarine Third Ear Audio 鈥 Ethereality Pitch Black 鈥 1000 Mile Drift (Simon Flowers Lost at Sea Mix) […]