Apr 182012

Spring has been a busy season around here so far, and we’re not even halfway through it! Next up is a dream gig – a music festival taking place at a gorgeous hot springs campground in Baja, Mexico. I’ve played there before, years ago, and have always wanted to return. Private hot springs pools in each campsite, a larger warm pool big enough for a hundred people, and a 20-minute walk to a waterfall that’s to die for…what more could a downtempo DJ ask for? I’ll be taking some pictures for sure, so hopefully will have something to share when the dust settles after my return.

The event is called Electric Poncho and online ticket sales have concluded, but I believe there are still onsite tickets for sale by cash only on a first come first serve basis…check out the Website for more information.

After that, I’ll be playing a special birthday closing set at the Moontribe May Full Moon Gathering, and then it’s time for a week spent visiting family in the Midwest. My weekend duffel bag seems to always be at the ready these days!

Nov 292011

November went by far too fast for my tastes. There we were, celebrating Halloween, and seemingly in the blink of an eye Thanksgiving has come and gone and we’re staring down the barrel at the end of 2011. How’d that happen?

It’s been a year since I had my photo show, which affords me a chance to look back and contemplate the state of my photographic life. I had no lofty goals in mind for this passion of mine; just a chance to share the bits of this world that I happen to come upon through my lens. It’s been a rewarding and often humbling experience.

Recently I became enamored of the photographic community over on Google+, which at the moment seems to make up the bulk of the stimuli I’m experiencing over there. Casually participating in conversations with newbies and pros alike, it’s been a revelation to me to at last feel like I’ve found my peers. (Nothing personal to you, Flickr community; I still love you too)

In working to reshape the ways in which I share my work, and frankly, to make it more accessible to those who might actually want an image of mine hanging on their wall, I am pleased to announce that I have restructured my pricing for all my print work and have adjusted my online store accordingly. I enjoyed a small boon of sales last year surrounding my show, and while my main focus has not been on selling my work, I can’t deny the deep satisfaction in knowing someone who likes my work enough to want to invest in it. And so it goes.

If you’re at all inclined, head on over to my store to see what’s offered. There are the usual prints, along with gallery wraps, floating prints for the wall, and desk stands. (Those floating pieces are so cool…I’m thinking I may want one for myself soon!) I’ve expanded the galleries a bit, adding shots I had previously kept private, and moving things around so that they reflect the galleries I keep around the Web on Facebook, Flickr and Google+. Please feel free to leave a comment on a shot or a gallery if something strikes your fancy. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve been allowing my DJ life to simmer on the back burner a bit in the last couple of months, after my flurry of activity at the end of the summer. I worked hard on synchronizing my photographic expression, but now it’s time to return to a sense of balance, and I have a few delicious gigs coming up that are worth mentioning. At the moment, they are:

– Dec. 10-11 – Moontribe Full Moon Gathering (invitation-only; location private)

– Dec. 21 – Opening set for Luminous Movement (hosted by J Brave of the Luminaries) (Zanzibar in Santa Monica; see here for details)

– Dec. 31 – 2012 Awakening New Year’s Eve (Hummingbird Ranch in Simi Valley; see here for details)

That’s all the news I have for now – thanks for reading!

Oct 292011

It’s hard to believe the end of the year is right around the corner! I’ve had the pleasure recently of immersing myself a bit more in photography, but there are a few groovy DJ gigs coming up too that should be a lot of fun.

My general tendency with photography is to shoot places and animals, rather than people and events, but lately I’ve been trying my hand a little more at capturing events as they unfold. And so, I’m happy to say that I have THREE new photosets to share on Flickr.

Travis Wood as Broccoli Joe




First up, a fabulous performance art/dance party called “I Am Vegetable”, produced by my friends at Dream Circus Theater. I was honored to play a set in the “Mushroom Garden” early in the evening, and after that I was inspired to take out the camera as the costumes and set design were so whimsical and eye-catching. Their use of color was tremendously enjoyable. (Click on the photo to check out the entire set)

A scene from Occupy LA, Oct. 15



The following weekend I found myself in downtown Los Angeles for a day with the protesters at Occupy LA. My friend Treavor played the closing set on the main stage of entertainment but honestly it was the intention of the occupation that got my attention. What follows is only a mere glimpse into what was going on down there… (Click on the photo to check out the entire set)




Ott performs in Santa Monica on his US tour for 'Mir'

Lastly, my touring pal Ott arrived to play a set in support of his newest album, Mir, and laid down some seriously dubby grooves in a small nightclub in Santa Monica. I have been experimenting more with using no flash, and thanks to the high speed of my new camera, it’s made it possible to capture a lot more without a flash. There’s still a blur to many of the photos, but as this is an experimental phase, I’m OK with that.

In other creative news, I have some exciting gigs coming up that I’m really looking forward to. An evening set on the patio for Dreamdroid (the official after-party for the HMM Awards) on 11/17, and coming up in December it looks like I’ll be opening for the Luminaries at Zanzibar in Santa Monica on 12/21. (More info to follow)

All in all, I’ve been enjoying being in the creative flow this Fall and hope you enjoy the fruits of it!

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Sep 292011

Having wrapped up fun times at KXLU with Mystic Pete (thanks, Pete!), I am happy to announce my next public appearance at the fantastic performance art party called “I Am Vegetable”. Put on by the illustrious Dream Circus, the “I Am” parties were legendary a decade ago in the performance art circuit of Los Angeles. Mikiko Nagao is one of the most talented costume designers in the L.A. underground and along with the directorial chops of siblings Teo & Desiree Castro, this event is sure to be a delight for all the senses. More info and ticket purchasing can be found here.

I’ll be playing on the patio at 10 pm. Hope to see you there!

I Am Vegetable - front of flyer

I Am Vegetable - An Interactive Theatrical Dance Party


I Am Vegetable - back of flyer

I Am Vegetable - An Interactive Theatrical Dance Party

Aug 232011

Exciting news to share!!!

I will co-host the radio show “In A Dream” with Mystic Pete on September 10, 2011, Midnight Saturday, until 2:00 am Sunday, PST. KXLU, 88.9 FM, Los Angeles, and www.KXLU.com worldwide.

Tune in for a special treat, either on FM or the Web – I’ll be playing some groovy and interesting music as well as chatting with Mystic Pete during my 2-hour stay. Hope you’ll join us!

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Jun 012011

Saturday afternoon groovin & chillin. Photo by Tedd St. Rain. Well now, wasn’t that amazing/crazy cool/super-fun.

I had a tremendously good time playing for a smiling crowd of friends, fans, and fellow chillophiles on Saturday afternoon of the Lightning in a Bottle festival on the Woogie Stage. Good, deep fun.

I’ve been told my set was recorded so I am eagerly awaiting a copy of the set so I can get it mastered and posted for your listening and grooving pleasure. Stay tuned! Hopefully this will be happening shortly.

Big thanks to Jesse Wright & Sammy Bliss of Pocket Underground for inviting me to play, and of course to the magical manifesters on the team of the Do Lab for producing such a memorable event. I hope to be back in years to come!

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Mar 112011

Greetings! It’s going to be a busy time in the studio for the next few months to prepare for these gigs. What’s lined up so far:

Mar. 19 –  Moontribe Full Moon gathering (private party), California desert

Mar. 25 –  BLISS, An Art Show, Downtown Los Angeles

Mar. 27 –  Dance For Peace, Venice boardwalk

Mar. 29 – Whole Foods Venice Sake Tasting Fundraiser, Zengo restaurant, Santa Monica

Apr. 2 –   11 Year “Greeniversary” Green Sector Anniversary, Los Angeles

Apr. 15-17 –   Lotus Festival, Southern California

May 22 – Spring Growing Wild (private party), SD county

May 28 – Woogie Stage at Lightning in a Bottle festival, Silverado, CA

See you on the dancefloor!

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Sep 292010

I’m playing Saturday 10/9 noon-2pm. Visit the Facebook page for more info.

On October 8th Through October 10th Join Our Families As We Go On A Journey Into
Electric Cocoon’s ~(:RED VORTEX:)~ Music 4 Our True Nature…

Our Mystics Are

Treavor {Moontribe}
Bird of Prey {Addictech/Cyberset/Vaporvent}
Kit (AstroHoops)
Brad {Moontribe}
Ben Annand {Moontribe/Tropical}
Chadwick {Moontribe}
Dennis Ion Driver {Ricochet, Addictech}
Chris Gardener {Bramble Republic}
Terrakroma {:)~ ? ~):}
Blackass {Bramble/Electric Cocoon/Balloontribe/Monster Minimal}
Brian Sentient {Alchemy/Spun Records}
Psyler {Bramble Republic}
Nic Aragon {Terrakroma/Electric Cocoon}
Maggie {Moontribe/Ball of Waxx}
Dela {Moontribe}
Rose {Electric Cocoon}
Hipnotic Starr ~New Mexico~ {Centerforce Records}
Brandon {Electric Cocoon}
Jonathan Goodall {Electric Cocoon}

Just added:
Dave deLaski (Ball of Waxx)

The Ohm Guru Sound System

FractalSex Visuals: Kyle Martin

Atmosphere by: Kevin Chills & Lindsay Pindsay

Altar by: Electric Cocoon

Polyamorous Design by: Jamie Valentine

Live Artist & Workshops To Be Announced Soon…

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