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Silk Swankerchief

DJ Maggie · Silk Swankerchief Recorded live during my weekly stream show, Omakase, on December 6 2020. This was a Cocktail Party edition. Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – Golden Nectar Flexitones – Cafe Spring Tosca – Suzuki Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits King Kooba – California Suite (Vagabond Mix) DJ Olive – Heaps As King Shi – Shiver (feat. Bonza) Cybajaz – cybajaz Sound Providers – […]

Bebop Brunch

DJ Maggie · Bebop Brunch Recorded live for my weekly stream show, Omakase, on August 2 2020. Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: Tracklist: Hedflux – Unillusioned KiloWatts – Legacy Youth & Gaudi – Black Crow Dub (Kaya Project Remix) Stillhead – Dwelling J Whitty – Petrichor Hedflux – Breaking Through Halfred & Mouldy Soul & Tryptich – Moods Kaya Project – Through The Flames Liquid Bloom & Spice Traders – Anima Mundi […]

Bento Box

DJ Maggie · Bento Box A set I created for Bluetech’s Holotropic Happy Hour stream show, December 2020. Mastered by Bluetech. Check out the show here: Tracklist: Temple Step Project feat. Madhu Honey – This Love Rain Dog – The Sunny Side Of The Ocean Dillard – Summit Kercha – Hold The Breath Aquiver – Inmaiden RQ – Solar Wind EMOG – The Star Relativity Lounge – Mitigation Plan Bil Bless – Beneath Eternity Fuel Cell – Pulse Song […]

Swing Set

DJ Maggie · Swing Set Recorded during my weekly Twitch show, Omakase, on May 3 2020. Video available on YouTube: Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: Tracklist: GreatOwl – Einimali ElectrowaveZ – Two Bees in Action Cosmic Sadhu Met Schizoid Bears – Accidental Dub Session Spoonbill and Mr. Bill – Moon Swagger Darklord Gob – Tailored Increments Kalya Scintilla – Lionize Sub Roots & Stakma – Isle of Dub AtYyA – Volition […]

Wooly Bully

DJ Maggie · Wooly Bully This set was mixed and streamed live on my weekly Twitch show, Omakase, for a Wiggle Edition. Time to get our groove on. Video of the live stream available here: Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: Tracklist: Nanosphere – Exogenesis Shantam – Trance 909 Sixis – Mycolinguistic Hypnotizer – Kiskanu Expedizion & Sixis – Awakening World (Seamoon Remix) Sethadelik – Archaic Technologies Erothyme – Inspiral (feat. Jessica […]

At Last

DJ Maggie · At Last This is a set I put together for Bluetech’s Holotropic Happy Hour live stream show in November 2020. I was in suspense, as the rest of the world was, about the nation’s election results when I mixed this, and the music feels like it reflects my mixture of hopes and fears. Check out the show here: Tracklist: Tipper – Oi Oi Spit James Bernard – A Feeling (Bluetech Remix) Data Rebel – Diffuse Lav […]

Count Maggula

DJ Maggie · Count Maggula This was my live set for Moontribe’s Blue Moon FMG Live Stream on Halloween 2020. We all adopted spooky names for the show, so I chose to be Maggula, complete with costume. Video of this set is available here: Tracklist: Dillard – Center of One High Dude feat Alicia Kiah – Introvert Activism Aphasia – Cingulate Ojini Project – No One But Him MushDub – Energy Of The Universe ElectrowaveZ – Tropical Rainforest Skysia […]


DJ Maggie · Jahazz This set was recorded and aired on Bluetech’s Twitch show, Holotropic Happy Hour, in October of 2020. Check out the show here: Tracklist: Tipper – Sahra Bop – Waterfall Hibernation – Familiar Stars (Hibernating Gnomes Remix) Freud & IZ – Presto Korsun – Dove Synkro – Contact Air – Universal Traveler Dillard – 3rd Root w/HL Kercha – Week Tipper – Permatemp Freud – Plek Shiny Objects – Another Day at the Zoo Protassov – […]

Mechanical Heart

DJ Maggie · Mechanical Heart This set was recorded during the first-ever live stream version of Chillits in September 2020. It’s a fairly IDM-heavy mix, but still has some heart, hence the title “Mechanical Heart”. Check out their channel here: Tracklist: Experimental Sound Project – Beautiful Dove Bansara – Rising Storm Bluetech – The Pale Horse Proem – Your Bones Back Together Invisible Inks – Undercurrent Ion Driver – Outsourced Hibernation – The Process il:lo – Alma (Frameworks Remix) […]

Quality Time

DJ Maggie · Quality Time I created this set for my monthly guest DJ appearance on Bluetech’s weekly live stream, Holotropic Happy Hour, in September 2020. This set was intended as a soundtrack to a 2-hour romantic date with a longtime lover. Mastered to perfection by Bluetech. Tracklist: Biome – Ghost Oak – Sequence 1 ADM x EVE – Empyrean Erothyme – Human Rising (feat. Natalie Lain & Amalgamy) Paul B – Blues Leftfield – Melt Melo – Affirmation (Frederic […]