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Favorite Pillow

DJ Maggie · Favorite Pillow This was a set I put together for my friends at Inquiry Collective for their live stream event Convergence: Healing Through Art & Music in August 2020. The setlist is comprised of many of my favorite current tracks recently added to my collection, all within a palette of healing music. Check out their Twitch channel: Tracklist: Zen Baboon – Sacred Fire Roel Funcken – Android Robson Evac – What Once Was West feat Rena […]

Velvet State of Mind

DJ Maggie · Velvet State Of Mind This set aired on Bluetech’s Twitch show, Holotropic Happy Hour, in August of 2020. Easily one of my most eclectic mixes, I explored the realms of acid jazz, trip hop, hip hop, and other urban styles along with the usual characters. Check out the show: Tracklist: Grand Unified – Dig So Deep Jazzanova – Allee Der Kosmonauten AtYyA – Volition EP Man – Gardens of AR Harold Budd & Hector Zazou – […]

Simmer Switch

DJ Maggie · Simmer Switch My opening set from Moontribe’s Full Moon Gathering live stream, August 2020. Video available of the stream at Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: Tracklist: Solar Fields – Dialogue with a River Deep Lodocus – The Law Of Gravity M-Seven – Continuous Bluetech – Ambergris Aphasia – mPFC plasticity HNGVR – I Was Just… Hibernation – 1982 Sinclair Research Om Unit – The Mirror Mystic State – […]

Floatation Device

DJ Maggie · Floatation Device This mix started out as an hour plus from a live recording of a set I played in the morning after my birthday party in 2019. I extended it to 2 hours and then it was featured during Bluetech’s weekly Twitch show, Holotropic Happy Hour, while he curated a VJ set, mid-July 2020. Tracklist: Supersillyus – Charade Kidnap – First Light Saafi Brothers – Ta Tvam Asi (Kuba Remix) Misled Convoy – The Mind Has […]


DJ Maggie · Gratitude Recorded live during Moontribe’s 26th anniversary in 2019. This is a mostly ambient (beatless) set. Tracklist: 1. Krusseldorf – Creation 2. Loscil – Lucy Dub 3. Eat Static – Elegua 4. Stillhead – Spirit Remains 5. Bluetech – A Blessed Release 6. Kiyoko – Valley 7. Ovia – A Scent of Fallen Apples 8. Martin Nonstatic – Trochilidae 9. Akuratyde – Lights in My Eyes 10. Deru – Playground 11. Wombatmusic – Along the Way 12. […]

Aural Ambrosia

DJ Maggie · Aural Ambrosia Memories from another era…I was invited to play some tunes a few years ago by a dear friend who was having a Spa Day at her house for her birthday. There were mani-pedi’s going on, along with professional massage, hot tubbing, stretching, juicing, and more. It all felt very fancy and lush, and the music reflects that impression. Tracklist: 1. Black Mighty Orchestra – Ocean Beach (Cybophonia Mix) 2. Parov Stelar – Odessa 3. D-Echo […]

We Are Family

DJ Maggie · We Are Family My opening set from Day 2 of Moontribe’s 27th anniversary live stream. Tracklist: Stillhead – Vast Expanse The Flashbulb – Island on an Endless Plane M-Seven – The Informer Tipper – Rotundus Maximus Rocker’s HiFi – Going Under (Evil Love and Insanity Dub) Connect.ohm – 9980 (Cell Remix) DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Ha-Doh Mountains & Rivers – Eternal Heart EMOG – 11.11 Anchor Hill – Globaleyes Beatroots – Nutritious Dub FNDMNTL – […]


DJ Maggie · Corazon Recorded live during my weekly Sunday Twitch show “Omakase” on May 31 2020. I was feeling the weight of the civil unrest across the country, and stayed close to heart medicine music. Video available of this set here: Follow me on Twitch for notifications about my 2 weekly live streams: Tracklist: Nanosphere – Exogenesis Kaya Project – The Fearless Path (ft. Irina Mikhailova) Shwamp – Echodebetic Pitch Black – Third Light iinaK – Falling […]


DJ Maggie · Moonstream I called this one Moonstream because it was my first live stream set, an opening set for Moontribe’s first live stream Full Moon Gathering in April 2020. Video of this set can be found on my YouTube channel. Tracklist: Desert Dwellers – Mysterious Presence (Chaos Control Remix) Mote – Lamentation Spatialize & Krusseldorf – Great Prayer (Spatialize Remix) AtYyA – Committed Pitch Black – Kaikoura Dub Spoonbill & Mr. Bill – MoonSwagger Twin Shape & Shwamp […]

Mama Luna

DJ Maggie · Mama Luna This was the set I played to open Moontribe Sunday Vibe – Streaming Edition in May 2020. I’d just bought a bunch of new music, so many of the tracks were new to me and I had so much fun discovering how they mixed well with other favorite tracks of mine. I trimmed the end a little as I had intended to close with the CloZee track, but had to stretch a little to the […]