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DJ Maggie · Aperitif This is a recorded practice run of a set I was playing in an urban chillout zone. Some fun turns in this mix, from heady to delightfully weird to groovy, plus all the spaces in between. Tracklist: Hibernation – Knowledge & Spirit (Tuatara Remix) Kataphasis – Ataraxia Gyu – Cabasa Author – My Only Dubsalon – Ancient Tongues Quanta – Sensiverse Masterbrew – Sound Temple Mettakin Dubnotic & Yestegan Chay – Haoma AtYyA – Motion Beatroots […]

Destination Station

DJ Maggie · Destination Station Live set from the chillout stage at Desert Escape 2019. I was playing music to accompany a yoga class from an instructor named Where’s Wanderer. Starts off with gentle ambience, rising into slow groovy beats. Tracklist: 1. Rhucle – Visitor 2. Om AKA Ovnimoon – Algun Dia 3. Lars Leonhard – Burning Clouds 4. Sync24 – Coffee Break in Orbit 5. Bansara – Morning Wind 6. Translippers – Full Moon Kiss 7. AtYyA – Emanating […]

Dinner Party

DJ Maggie · Dinner Party I love to cook and host dinner parties for friends. One evening, after an enjoyable meal with a couple of dear friends, we retired to the living room while I played some after-dinner beats. Tracklist: Mr. Moods – A Romantic Affair Moon Orchestra – Midnight Movies Burdy – Doobie Dada (Solid Doctor RMX) Kabanjak – The Rain Flexitones – Tequila Sunrise South Dolphin – Linger in My Soul Mystic Crock – Entering the Valley D-Echo […]

Almandine – Living Room Sessions Vol. 3

DJ Maggie · Almandine – Living Room Sessions Vol. 3 Living Room Sessions. Live recordings of those wild and carefree moments when it’s time to chill. I can pull out my favorite tunes, the chiller the better, and just see how they sound together. In the comfort of my own living room. This set was recorded during my first Facebook Live session in December 2018. Tracklist: 1. Ganucheau – Spirit 2. Within Reason – Correlate 3. All India Radio – […]


DJ Maggie · Moondust This is the closing set from the Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in October 2019. It’s a longer one – clocking in at 2.5 hours – and my intention was to keep the energy relatively high as we wound down from a night and day of dancing. I’d recently completed a lot of work on my music library so I was delighted to pull out some classics that hadn’t been in my playlists for a long time, […]


DJ Maggie · Sundowner This is the second half of a marathon closing set I played at a Moontribe Full Moon Gathering in April 2019. The entire set was over 4 hours. Tracklist: MushDub – Energy of the Universe Nanda – Inner Vision Sixis – Mycolinguistic Spatialize & Krusseldorf – Great Prayer (Spatialize Remix) Hibernation – Colours Erothyme – Silent Orbservers (CharlestheFirst Remix) Emog – Crystal & Ice Tipper – Algae in Bloom AtYyA – Volition DJ Krush & Toshinori […]

Grilled Beats

DJ Maggie · Grilled Beats Summertime pool parties – one of my favorite settings for playing music. This set was recorded at the tail end of one such party in 2018. The music had been more energetic all day and I started playing as the sun was setting, while the host started up the fire pit and the last of the revelers gathered around, not quite ready to head home yet. Gentle beats with a little more emotion. Tracklist: 1. […]

Ka Mua

? DJ Maggie · Ka Mua I named this mix “Ka Mua” which translates as “First”, as I was asked to play this set during an early morning yoga set at a yoga & music retreat called Tropical Oasis, held at a beautiful campground on Maui. We kept the energy low and flow to accomodate both the early hour and the climbing temperature. An hour and change in length, with a long last track for a prolonged sivasana pose at […]

Breakfast Burrito

In March 2018, I played a morning set at Desert Escape in the Mojave, as breakfast was being served. The breakfast burritos were on point. Tracklist: 1. Estray – The Way of the Sufi 2. Tea Tree – Nen 3. Sadhu Sensi – Window Gorge 4. Dubdiver – Nine Dragons 5. Somatoast – Obscurity Security 6. Global Koma – Allat 7. Kaya Project – Dark Roads (Desert Dwellers Remix) 8. Hedflux – Sacralicious 9. Grouch – Acid Tested 10. NQ […]

The Curated Life (for Cervantes Magaña)

In June of 2018, the world lost a bright soul in the form of my friend, Cervantes Magaña. He was a true renaissance man who touched the worlds of everyone he met. Our mutual community held a celebration gathering of his life, and this was the set I played there. We will never forget. Tracklist: 1. Sounds From the Ground – Departures 2. Tactyl vs Wada – WadAttack 3. Motion Drive – Dubalicious 4. Liquid Bloom – Fire Gathering (ReGen: […]