A whole new world of visual treats

A whole new world of visual treats

I've discovered a new way to play around with my photos and I'm ecstatic about it. Recently I came across an Android art app call Mirror Lab, which has unique controls to manipulate images (I've seen very few other apps that do it like this). One of the most intriguing sections of this art app is the kaleidoscopic effect.

It's no secret that I like symmetry. Many of my photos (especially ones of reflections) denote the symmetry I find in the world around us, so when I discovered this Kaleidoscope effect (in the "Complexity" area of Mirror Lab), the possibilities became endless.

It took me a few days to start to understand what kinds of images would work best for this tool. Lines, patterns and contrast are the aspects that jump out at me the most. Last night, as I sat in a nightclub awaiting the set of a music producer I'd come to see, I looked up and saw this dusty, greasy cage with a long, fluorescent bulb inside it.

A dusty greasy metal enclosure with a fluorescent bulb inside

I brought it into Mirror Lab, and lo and behold, I turned it into this, one of my main portfolio pieces, which I called "This Old Dusty Heart of Mine":

Instant joy!! This makes me smile. I can play around with this app whenever I feel like it - killing time in a waiting room, at night when I'm horizontal and on the way to sleep, when I'm out of cell range and nowhere near my computer. It's the dawn of a new era for my creative outlets!

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