DJ Maggie - Bide a Wee

Bide a Wee

DJ Maggie · Bide A Wee
I made this set to collaborate with Keerd (as a VJ) for my monthly guest set on Holotropic Happy Hour, the 2-hour A/V weekly stream I co-produce on Bluetech's Twitch channel. Bide a Wee is an ode to the chill rooms of the parties I attended in the late 90's. It's a journey through genres and decades, all in the name of "chillaxation". Lots of dub, psychill and IDM in this one. Tracklist: Ekorce - Il Était Une Fois Misticalia - Energia Bop - Deep Inside The Flashbulb - Island On An Endless Plane Erothyme - Silent Orbservers Aux25 - 10 Months Balancé - 14 gaivotas em terra Data Rebel - Deflekt Occult - Frisian Dew Cates & DPL - Late Night Nothingness Sorse - Lagoon Youth & Gaudi - The Gods Must Be Crazy (Pitch Black’s Hubristic Prayerformance Dillard - I Want To Erothyme - Northern Cross Hibernation - Familiar Stars (Extended Version) Mike Sheridan - Natteravn Hypnoxock - Aboriginal Contact Carbon Based Lifeforms - Mos 6581 (Album Version) Scann-Tec - Phone Call (live edit) Zen Baboon - Chocolate Sushi (Summer Edit) Pitch Black - Daylight Wasting Aux25 - No Turning Back (Adham Shaikh Remix) Bluetech - Thrios Kuba - Citrus Garden Giyo - Visions Cell - Anti
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