Bluetech - Echoes of Orion (single)

Bluetech - Echoes of Orion (single)

Over the Moon Music · Bluetech - Echoes Of Orion

Released on my label, Over the Moon...


"I'm thrilled to share this new chapter in Laika's journey with the world. 'Echoes of Orion' represents a continuation of her story and an exploration of the endless possibilities of space. Working with Misled Convoy and Somatoast on the remixes has been an incredible experience, and I'm excited for listeners to hear their unique interpretations. I hope this release takes you on a journey of discovery and wonder, and inspires you to explore the infinite universe within and around us." - May 2023, Evan Bluetech.

Bluetech returns with a new single "Echoes of Orion" featuring the legendary Laika the Cosmonaut. The track takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos, with Laika exploring new galaxies and encountering luminous entities and undiscovered worlds. As a parable of transformation and change, Laika's story is a fitting voice for these times, and Bluetech is proud to continue her narrative.

This single also features two fantastic remixes by Misled Convoy and Somatoast, each adding their own unique touch to the track. Misled Convoy brings a deep atmospheric dub soundscape and intricate sound design to the remix, while Somatoast takes us on a psychedelic journey with his mesmerizing production and hyper-intelligent beat production. The artwork for the single, created by Bluetech himself, features Laika the Cosmonaut gazing out onto a new world in the shadow of the Orion nebula, ready to continue her journey. "Echoes of Orion" is the first single in a series of releases that will be compiled for the final vinyl and full album release, providing unique perspectives from which to experience the album.

Over The Moon Music is the perfect home for this release and its cosmic themes, and we invite you to immerse yourself in this new journey with Laika and Bluetech's emotive electronic music.

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