DANCE FOR PEACE - Venice Beach - Mar. 27, 2011

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 “DANCE FOR PEACE” Venice Beach – Noon ‘til 7pm ...Sol-ectors: TREAVOR (moontribe, iboga records) BRIAN SEED (moontribe, ball of waxx) BRAD (moontribe) DELA (moontribe) MAGGIE (moontribe) NIC ARAGON (terrakroma) Wave Forms: Atmospheres by Adam Christoff Turbosound by Golden Rule Tsunami Relief: $5-$10 suggested donation…much gratitude :) All donations beyond the costs of the event will be donated to Direct Relief for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. Sun Setting: Venice Beach Dance for peace will be held directly in front of the Famous Sidewalk Cafe on the Venice Boardwalk: 1401 Ocean Front Walk Los Angeles, CA 90291 Google Map: NO ALCOHOL is allowed anywhere near the beach NO FLYERS – trash will affect our ability host events here Noon – 7pm (sunset) DANCE FOR PEACE ;)... began on Venice Beach in the spring of 2003 as a gathering to radiate peace to the planet during the opening days of war. Now we dance in 2011 in support of those around the world who are standing together in an effort to bring about more peaceful conditions in their communities. By cultivating peace within ourselves and emanating it to those who immediately surround us, the vibration will ripple to the edges of this web of creation...
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