DJ Maggie Gigs, March-May

Greetings! It's going to be a busy time in the studio for the next few months to prepare for these gigs. What's lined up so far: Mar. 19 - Moontribe Full Moon gathering (private party), California desert Mar. 25 - BLISS, An Art Show, Downtown Los Angeles Mar. 27 - Dance For Peace, Venice boardwalk Mar. 29 - Whole Foods Venice Sake Tasting Fundraiser, Zengo restaurant, Santa Monica Apr. 2 - 11 Year "Greeniversary" Green Sector Anniversary, Los Angeles Apr. 15-17 - Lotus Festival, Southern California May 22 - Spring Growing Wild (private party), SD county May 28 - Woogie Stage at Lightning in a Bottle festival, Silverado, CA See you on the dancefloor!
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