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La Unua

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Suti is a beautiful little festival held in rural Portugal in late summer. I attended their fourth edition in September 2023 and had the pleasure of following an artist I love to pieces - Zen Baboon. My set started at midnight after they'd been playing midtempo wiggly tunes, so I followed suit. As a result, this set is a tad more on the energetic side within the range of music I like to play, and I had a chance to explore some of the slow house tunes I've been collecting and listening to. It was great fun, and the crowd was very responsive.

Satori - Mori Shej ft. Peia
Atman Construct - Nautillus
Aligning Minds - Weeping Willow
Lusine - Thick Of It
Supersillyus - A List of Instructions for When I'm Human
Deep Fried Dub - 100 IRE
Keerd - Flying with Dolphins (Patreon exclusive)
Kaya Project - Dark Tabla
Wākhan - Malaka
Tactyl - Out of Your Spell
Ekorce - Genetic Poetry
SidiRum - Almagro
Beyhude - Alabora (Foxall Pale Blue Remix)
Trippin Jaguar - Pocosin
HAFT - Solei
Bluetech - Dawn Ascent (Desert Dwellers Remix)
Wasisunqu - Tlatikpa (Ishdub Remix)
ManyNames - Dreamverse (Zero Theory Remix)
Illinton - Blue Desert
kaya Project - One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix)
Viken Arman - Charlie's Absinthe

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