DJ Maggie - Lamplighter's Lullaby

Lamplighter's Lullaby

DJ Maggie · Lamplighter's Lullaby
This is a set I crafted in September 2021 for a virtual stage at BRCvr called The Oasis of Oontz. BRCvr was the AltSpaceVR world that was created by the BMOrg to provide Burners with a place to gather during the pandemic. This set originally aired on the day of the Burn. Collectively, many of the DJs who participated that day decided to participate in a Twitch raid train in December 2021 to re-broadcast their sets outside of BRCvr. This was the opening set for that raid train. Portions of this set were recorded live during Omakase, a live stream show I did for 19 months on my Twitch channel. Original image (used in artwork) with permission by Gary Marcos. Tracklist: Shankara - Troglobite Øhmar - Letters to Nana Goopsteppa - Fashionably Late Taiko - $ea Pimp B9 - Cascade (digital only) Integer - Fifth Night Rumpistol - Pentatonic Drops (Mindex Remix) Congi - A Theme For The Cosmos B9, Congi & Geode - Scrumpy Geode - Triad (digital only) Ago - Autumn Khromi - Portal AtyyA - Fortress Of Light EMOG - The Hanged Man Variant Field - Silhouette (Summer) Ourman - Sagasu Soulacybin - Siber Giyo - Grace Of An Empress Kercha - Ghosts Don't Exist Taiko - Just Like We Used to Do beatfarmer - Droplets (Bansara Remix) Govinda - Falling From Grace Dillard - Market Tellus - Isolate Hibernation - Identify (The 'dela meets Seb' Re-Remix) Trippin Jaguar - Sativa featuring Raffaello Visconti Umoja - Flujo Suave Zen Baboon - The Odd Lion Faelow - Cave Pool ishdub - Shamans Coop - Don't Sweat It Sounds From The Ground - Train Of Thought Stillhead & Skruff - True Midnight HNGVR - Turn Up The Rhythm
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