Lucid Dreaming (Mix for Podcast)

Lucid Dreaming (Mix for Podcast)

🔥 Gagarin Project Live Love Create · Podcast ep31 - Lucid Dreaming Mixed By DJ Maggie

I was invited by Iurii Gagarin of to submit a mix for his podcast in October 2021. This is an excerpt of a live recording from my former weekly Twitch broadcast show, Omakase, from May 2021. I called it "Lucid Dreaming".

It's an honour to welcome DJ Maggie from USA to the podcast !

Evolving her own brand of intuitive sound at the legendary Southern California desert gatherings of the groundbreaking Moontribe Collective and other conscious parties and festivals, Maggie soon established a reputation for her heart-expanding sonic rides.

Juggling a packed schedule of creative endeavors, DJ Maggie produces two weekly Twitch shows, Flow and Omakase, to a rapt and growing global audience of downtempo lovers. She also plays a monthly guest set on Holotropic Happy Hour, the audiovisual stream she co-produces on Bluetech’s Twitch channel. Her first compilation, a 2xLP entitled ‘Matters of the Heart,’ was released in June 2021 on Behind The Sky.

Sync24 - Dance Of The Droids
Mindex - New Life Form
Hedflux - Truth Bomber
Dillard - Embrace
Tipper - Rip Cord
Martins Garden - Everlast
Emog - The Sun [2016]
Gyu - Submerge
Bwoy De Bhajan - Nola Celesta
Master Margherita & The Positronics - Santana Dub
Third Ear Audio - Freak of Nature
Kercha - Flock
Ion Driver - Deep Sands
Lyndon Jarr - Akira
Geode - Beware
Bansara - Ambiguity
Khromi - Delusions

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