Over the Moon Music

Over the Moon Music - My New Label

Wheeeeeee! I can finally talk about this project that has been developing, and I am beyond thrilled! May I introduce to you, a brand new label, Over the Moon Music - with Yours Truly at the helm! When Evan Bluetech surprised me for my birthday in May by inviting me to partner with him on a record label, I was so inspired by the idea of curating a roster of gorgeous music. As the idea sank in over time, I realized more and more what this role can mean, and I'm completely honored by the opportunity. Lifting up other creatives in my community is a notion near and dear to my heart, and this provides a stellar and unique way for me to explore that notion. Yes, yes, and more YES! As I started thinking about which artist I would want for my first release, setting the tone for the label, I didn't have to think very far. Alex Keerd was known to me through his slammin' sets at Moontribe and Inquiry, but it was during the pandemic that we got to know each other better, spending lots of time in our mutual Twitch communities. When he surprised me with a slew of unreleased downtempo tunes in his streams, a light bulb went off. Keerd was the perfect fit! Check out these links to hear more of this beautiful music. He's captured my heart AND my brain with his craft, and I hope it will for you too.
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