DJ Maggie · Renewal

This is a live recording of a closing set I played back in 2016 at a yoga retreat. Starts out with some gently wiggly energy, and ends with ambient.

Boogs - Opposable Strums
Zeb - Bombay Mix
Griff - Upper
Pitch Black - 1000 Mile Drift (Simon Flower's Lost At Sea Mix)
P.S.O.I. - The End of the Beginning
Griff - Close the Deal
KiloWatts - Mother of Thousands
Dream Stalker - Deeping
Spectralite - Ocean
Suns of Arqa - Discordant Dawn (Kuba Rmx)
Asonat - We Have Come So Far Again
Luis Vaquero - Open Your Eyes
Random Rab - Vapour Train
Kuba - We'll Learn
Deep Dive Corp - Bassic (Flow Mix)
Stargarden - Lullabeene
Jon Hopkins - Cold Out There
Helios - The Jaguar Sun

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