DJ Maggie · Smoovie

This set debuted on Holotropic Happy Hour (former streaming A/V show I co-produced on Bluetech's Twitch channel for over 2 years) in June 2022. A portion of it was recorded during a live stream in 2021, and the rest was curated for HHH. I call it "Smoovie" because all of the tunes feel like "smoov grooves" to me. There's a handful of contemporary tunes in this mix, along with some timeless classics from the era when I first discovered downtempo (mid 90s).

Chilldreamer - 7 Eleven
Bluetech - Three Worlds
Moon Frog - Summer Folds (Dillard Remix)
AKAL - In This Body
EMOG - Connecting Particles
Cam Lasky - Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity #036 Poseidon Forest (Original Mix)
M-Seven - Fuelled Exploration
Jafu - No More
Erothyme - Where Does Your Love Go
Auditive Escape - Coldness of Words
Massive Attack - Karmacoma (UNKLE Situation Mix - Instrumental)
Rocket Empire - Red Room (featuring Chuck Love)
Soosh - Uncertain (Slowcoach Remix)
Journeyman - 50cc Part 2 (45 rpm)
Eu - Love Me
Drome - Hinterland, Kassler Kessel
Darkside - Blue Sunday
Sick-E - The other me
Daddylonglegs - The Fourth Way
Romo - Highs & Lows
a.p.e. - Piecemeal
Mama Oliver - East West (Makossa-Kruder Dub)
Sola Rosa - Scratch Apprentice
3 Wise Monkeys - It's Gonna Rain
Rumpistol - Nice Man
EMOG - The Star
Extended Spirit - Illicity
Jaywalkers - Language of Music
DeeB - Chillwings
Anitek - Time Tellers

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