Website Redesign Launch!

Website Redesign Launch!

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to share some news about my newly redesigned and repurposed website. The original site was a simple platform where I shared my DJ mixes and bits of my artist life. Now, after much work and with the incredible help of friends like Blue Cobalt and others behind the scenes, it's evolved into something more. Along with the familiar elements, there's a new addition – an online store featuring clothing and home goods with my art adorned on them, as well as fine art prints of my photography and digital art. Pictured here is me wearing one of my cloaks and a pair of sneakers.

The genesis for this revamp started during the Covid pandemic when I was producing weekly shows on Twitch - folks asked me to make DJ Maggie hoodies and mugs, and I entered the world of print-on-demand. Soon I was designing clothing with my art to give as gifts to my loved ones. I discovered how insanely FUN it is to play with the patterns and textures from my art on stuff to wear, and the idea started to take root.

Beyond the store, my new site also has sections dedicated to my DJ mixes, a fresh bio page, my photography and art portfolio galleries, and more. I've got lots of plans for fresh content in the future - more clothing designs, more fine art offerings, and the occasional blog post - so there's a link to sign up for my mailing list as well so you can stay up to date.

This announcement is a long time coming, through all sorts of challenges, delays, and struggles - I'm so thrilled to be sharing this news with you now. I hope you'll come have a look and enjoy what you see!

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