Dust Devil

Dust Devil

DJ Maggie · Dust Devil

This is a live recording of my set from Moontribe, October 2022. I had been collecting a lot of this music since the start of the pandemic and had been wanting to curate a set to play it out for some time. There's an encore at the end, as per request from the dance floor.

Integer - Fifth Night
Akal Dub - Lady of the East
Beatroots - Back To Bassics
Kercha - Broken Illusions
ATYYA x Dillard - Eon
B9, Congi & Geode - Scrumpy
Facta & K-LONE - Voodoo
Mercy - Barbados
Congi - Somnium
Keerd - Formation
EMOG - Cool Beans
ONNEN - Open Hatch
Lulu Rouge, Fanney Osk - Landscape Of Love
Audialist - Keep Turning
Jafu - No More
Ourman - Dizzy
Yoofee - Wings
Freud - Plek
Frederic Robinson - Mixed Signals (Synkro remix)
5AM - Sapiens
Mike Sheridan - Stilhed
HNGVR - I Was Just...
Erothyme - Silent Orbservers
Oak - Mongoose
Hidden Aspect - Mellow
Sorse - Lagoon
DRRTYWULVZ - Imagine That
Of Porcelain - Remembering Self
Ulterior Motive, Kimyan Law, Nuage - Half the Sky (Kimyan Law remix)
Dov1, HNGVR - So Weird
Oak - Sequence 1
Amawalk - Huju feat Amalgamy
Erothyme - Two Lights (Enigmada Remix)

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